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Las Vegas, NV · BOOTH 1419 & 338

05.08.23 - 05.10.23

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How smart is your car wash?

To run a successful car wash in a competitive industry, owners and operators need to stay ahead of the crowd. By using real-time data, operators can make smarter decisions to keep customers happy and coming back. EverWash's membership platform provides the tools needed to achieve consistent revenue, efficient operation, and excellent customer support.

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Car Wash integrated with vehicle intelligence service

A predictive intelligence solution that can identify churn patterns and present relevant customer offers.

Customer at Car Wash scanning membership

Boost monthly membership subscriptions and spend more time doing what you love.

Car Wash with Unlimited Membership Program

Reduce membership cancellations by up to 60% with live call center customer support.

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Panel Sessions

Visit our panels to gain insights and strategies on growing your business in the car wash industry.

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AI in the Car Wash Industry

Monday, May 8

3:00 - 3:30 PM

Things are changing in technology at a breakneck pace and in this dynamic conversation we’ll dive in on what’s possible when it comes to artificial intelligence and car washing – whether it’s safer operations, more custom experiences, or real time analysis of what’s happening in the wash.

Headshot of Max Pulcini, Harriet Ayoade, and Craig Gilham.

Is Your Brand Fit? Cultivating a Customer-Centric Brand

Tuesday, May 9

9:30 - 10:00 AM

A common characteristic of profitable car washes is strong branding. When it comes to your brand, your car wash is more than just a physical location.

Headshot of Harriet Ayoade, Jonathan Kierman, and Mark Youngworth.

Sports Sponsorship Strategies

Tuesday, May 9

12:00 - 12:30 PM

From getting creative with NIL deals to paving the way with professional sponsorships, we’ll get great ideas for ways we can leverage sports sponsorships in new ways.

Illuminating Partnerships

Logo lockup of omniX Labs and Wolford Communications.

Wolford Communications and omniXLabs

Transform customer engagement at your car wash with omniX Labs and Wolford Communications. Personalized messages, prompts, and greetings create a contactless experience that sets your business apart. Contact us today to learn more or visit our tradeshow booth for a demo.

Logo lockup of omniX Labs and Acquire Video.

Acquire Video and omniX Labs

Access the ultimate visibility solution through our partnership with Acquire Video. Get real-time sales and operational insights with top-of-the-line camera equipment and omniX Labs' AI-powered platform. Personalize your customer experience with Sales Navigator and WOWO™ Wheels On Wheel Off, and increase membership sales and retention. Contact omniX Labs to learn more.

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May 8


Exhibit Hours

10:00A - 5:00P

Education Sessions

8:00A – 10:45A

AI Panel Session

3:00P - 3:30P

May 9


Exhibit Hours

10:00A – 5:00P

Education Sessions

8:00A – 10:45A

Branding Session

9:30A – 10:00A

Sports Marketing Panel Session

12:00P – 12:30P

May 10


Exhibit Hours

9:00A – 1:00P

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