Unlimited Car Washes.
One Low Monthly Price.
That's Happy Washing!

Wash your car every day with an EverWash-powered membership from a car wash location near you. We have wash partners across the country eager to provide you with high-quality service day-in, day-out.

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Defeat the Clean Car Enemies With EverWash!

Whether you're taking your pooch out on a hike, braving the salt and snow of a winter storm, or taking a road trip down to the beach or into the city, EverWash helps you defeat the Clean Car Enemies after every encounter! When you can wash once per day, every day, you and your car have nothing to fear.

Clean Car Enemies including dirty dog, bird poop, leaves, dirt and ice

Why be a customer when you can be a member?

Being an EverWash member has perks! For around the price of two individual car wash services, members enjoy:

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Unbeatable Value

Wash your car as often as you want at a fraction of the pay-per-wash price.

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Countless Choices

Choose the car wash location & unlimited wash plan that suits you best.

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Cancel Anytime

Month-to-month billing that can be cancelled anytime — no commitments or extra fees.

Ready for Unlimited Car Washes?

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How It Works

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Step 1
Create an Account

Download the EverWash App from the App Store or Google Play and create a FREE account. Please note: An Apple or Android smartphone is required for membership.

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Step 2
Pick a Location and Wash Plan

Choose any wash from the hundreds of the EverWash-powered locations across the country, and select any wash plan option available.

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Step 3
Happy Washing!

Complete your purchase to unlock daily access to your chosen car wash location for 30 days! Memberships automatically renew, and your car will never lose its showroom shine.

What Members Are Saying

“I love having a car wash membership! I never have to worry about having cash or my bank card on me for the machine. I don't even have to roll my window to scan the code - it literally could not be easier.“

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EverWash User

“My wife and I both have our cars on the EverWash app. It works. It is convenient, we don't have to have a sticker/tag on the windshield for a reader to pick up. It reads the phone instead. It is fast and I don't even have to put my window down. Scan the QR code and go!“

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EverWash User

“Easy to use! You don't eve have to roll down your window for scanning; it scans right through the glass to maintain social distancing. You cancel your membership at anytime with no strings attached right on the app. I recommended the app and service to all!“

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EverWash User

Let's get started!

Show your car how much you really love it. Come to think of it; your wallet will love you more too. Now that's "Happy Washing"!

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Need Help?

Find frequently asked questions and access support to help you with your EverWash membership.