The Clean Ride Solution for Busy Moms

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The convenient way to keep your car clean regularly

We're moms and dads, too. And we get it: keeping your car clean isn't easy. There's a lot going on and professional car washing can be expensive. An unlimited car wash plan that lets moms like you wash your car whenever you want? There's an app for that!

Getting Started is Easy

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Step 1

Download the EverWash App

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Step 2

Create an account

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Step 3

Find a location near you

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Step 4

Select a plan that fits your needs

And Start Washing!

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Adjust Your Plan as Your Needs Change

  • Freeze your membership
  • Upgrade or downgrade your membership
  • Add additional vehicles at a discounted price
  • There are no long-term contracts

What Members Are Saying

I love having a car wash membership! I never have to worry about having cash or my bank card on me for the machine. I don't even have to roll my window to scan the code - it literally could not be easier.


EverWash User

My wife and I both have our cars on the EverWash app. It works. It is convenient, we don't have to have a sticker/tag on the windshield for a reader to pick up. It reads the phone instead. It is fast and I don't even have to put my window down. Scan the QR code and go!


EverWash User

Easy to use! You don't eve have to roll down your window for scanning; it scans right through the glass to maintain social distancing. You cancel your membership at anytime with no strings attached right on the app. I recommended the app and service to all!


EverWash User

Fight Clean Car Enemies

Get all the good clean car, happy mom vibes! A car wash anytime life sends unexpected messes your way? Yes please!

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Let's Get Started!

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