EverWash, the car wash industry leader in membership, is proud to announce a significant update to its Member app, aimed at enriching the user experience for members. This comprehensive update introduces an array of new features and enhancements to the Member app, which are outlined below:

Detailed Overview of App Enhancements

Discover Tab: A new addition to the Member app, designed to captivate customers with engaging content on car care, lifestyle, and unique membership perks, aiming to boost customer retention and loyalty by enriching the value of EverWash memberships.

Revamped User Interface: The EverWash Member app now features an intuitive and user-friendly design, facilitating smoother navigation and access to services, anticipated to heighten user satisfaction and streamline the journey from membership management to service utilization.

Enhanced Membership Management: In-app membership management has been expanded and improved for members, enabling more efficient handling of upgrades, freezes, and cancellations.

Streamlined "Start Wash" Process: The new "Start Wash" button, detailed with instructions for various wash equipment, aims to diminish service bottlenecks and elevate the customer experience at the wash site.

New Forgot Password Page: Simplifying the password reset process, the updated Forgot Password page on the Member app ensures users can quickly return to their washing activities without delay.

Enhanced Search Functionality: The improved Search Page now makes locating the nearest or most suitable EverWash location more straightforward, enhancing convenience for new sign-ups or members considering location changes.

Revamped Settings Page: The Settings Page of the Member app has been restructured to include a new Credits Balance section, streamlining the management of credits from referrals, gifts, or plan changes, and offering simplified control over marketing preferences, such as push notifications and SMS marketing.

Smoother Management of Multiple Memberships: The Member app now offers enhanced support for managing multiple memberships at different locations, simplifying the process for users with diverse washing needs.

Improved Messaging for Error Codes: Enhanced messaging via the Member app provides clearer guidance for users encountering error codes, minimizing service disruptions and enhancing user support.

Strengthened Code Base: The Member app's underlying code base has been fortified, enhancing reliability and performance, and enabling more efficient future updates and feature rollouts.

"EverWash is committed to continuous innovation and support for its network of car wash operators. This update is part of our ongoing effort to provide the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the industry," said Ofer Sadka, Chief Product Officer at EverWash. "We encourage all our partners to update their EverWash app to take full advantage of these new features and improvements."

Car wash operators are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with the updates to better assist customers and ensure a smooth transition to the enhanced app. EverWash believes that informed and engaged operators are key to delivering the exceptional service that customers expect.