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You can rely on us to manage all your marketing needs and increase the sales of your car wash services. Using our tools, we simplify marketing and engage customers on your behalf.

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Automate many of the tasks associated with managing a car wash.

Your customers deserve more than just a good wash experience. Your customers deserve the best possible experience. Completely managed by our platform, you can predict outcomes better and ensure your business is running at its best.

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EverWash reaches millions of consumers to washes like yours through exclusive partnerships with employee, fleet, group benefit programs, and national brands.

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Common Questions

Every car wash can benefit from a well-managed membership program. Benefits include a stronger and continuous flow of revenue, higher customer lifetime value, more efficient operations, a more engaged workforce, and higher profits. The key to success, however, is that the program must be “well-managed,” encompassing the Total Membership Lifecycle, rather than just a promotional band-aid to a poor-performing operation. While a commitment to a comprehensive membership program can seem overwhelming to an-already busy wash operator, EverWash experts bring the management experience to contribute as a partner to ensure membership success.

EverWash’s membership programs are custom-fit to grow recurring revenue for any type of wash – tunnel express, full-service, in-bay automatic, or self-serve. Whether a wash has a current membership program, an under-performing one, or no program at all, EverWash is the answer.

EverWash is the only provider that delivers Total Membership Lifetime experience for wash owners. It brings together…

  • Mobile and web technology
  • Wash signage
  • Sales training
  • Site optimization
  • Market intelligence
  • National market channels partners
  • Smart marketing

We build your brand, increase membership sales, reduce churn, and drive up the lifetime value of members.

EverWash is the leader in wash marketing to consumers. Our proprietary partnerships with organizations and companies that offer employee, subscriber, group benefits, retail, and reward programs reach more potential customers and deliver more members to your wash. Some of the national brands and organizations who have partnered with EverWash include T-Mobile, Capital One, Autocare Network, AutoLink, Amazon, UPS, SiriusXM, Reef, and AAA.

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