Membership can grow your revenue by 90%

within the first 12 months of launching your membership program.

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How much money are you leaving on the table?

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Based on a 15% Customer-To-Member Conversion Rate.

Don't let fear and uncertainty hold you back.

Membership is your path to thriving in the car wash industry.

Activating unlimited car washes with an app

Excel at Membership with EverWash

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Membership is the most profitable way to grow and protect your business by creating recurring revenue and ensuring customer loyalty.

Excel at Membership

Wash Partner Growth and Success Stories

Wash Partner Growth and Success Stories

Join us on the journey to secure your future success. See the success for yourself, and join our network of car wash operators and partners.

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A complete car wash membership solution, not just software

Works With All Washes and Equipment:

Do you think your site is ill-equipped to handle membership or lacks the necessary systems to run a successful membership program?

No matter what type of wash system you operate — whether you have a POS or pay station or not — revenue growth is achievable through membership. Wash operators have been able to run successful membership programs, regardless of whether they have advanced systems or are operating out of cigar boxes.

Risk-Free Membership Launch:

Does the start-up cost behind launching and running a membership program concern you? Does the start-up cost behind launching and running a membership program concern you?

Discover a risk-free solution that allows car washes to start and succeed with no up-front cost. Minimize your financial risk while maximizing your potential for membership success.

Education and Partnership:

Are you looking for a membership partner that supports you with more than just software and equipment?

A membership program that is poorly set up, inadequately supported, and unfocused is destined to fail. You need a dedicated partner — not just a vendor — to join your team and provide the knowledge and ongoing support you need to thrive.

Keys to Drive Your Membership Success

Ongoing Member Engagement, Retention, and Support:

Is keeping your existing clientele engaged, informed, and happy important to you?

Using comprehensive marketing strategies, engagement opportunities, and an in-house call center drives industry-leading lifetime value, retention rates, and exceptional customer support, setting your car wash apart.
Retain Your Best

Struggling with staffing, or experiencing unexpected turnover with your best employees?

Employee retention is a constant challenge, but with a strong membership program, you can overcome it. Membership means more cars and tips for your team. Empower your employees through ongoing training and education. Help your attendants be their best, creating a happier, more efficient, and more successful staff.
Seamless App-Based Membership Experience:

Looking for easy opportunities to sell memberships and market your wash off-site? Meet your customers where they are

With an easy-to-use app, attendants can sell using a smartphone or tablet, while members enjoy easy sign-ups, plan management, vehicle additions, and referrals, both on and off-site.

Know your customers like you know yourself

Automate many of the tasks associated with managing a car wash.

Your customers deserve more than just a good wash experience. Your customers deserve the best possible experience. Completely managed by our platform, you can predict outcomes better and ensure your business is running at its best.

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