EverWash Analytics

Boost the impact of your analytics

Identify and analyze relevant growth opportunities at the right time to add value

An illustration of a graph with an upward trend and a car.

Easy-to-understand insights:

  • Provide your customers with a warm, feel-good experience
  • Make smarter decisions, based on real-time data
  • Integrate and tie real-time reporting to car wash activity
  • Improve user experience with interactive charts and graphs

Deeper customer insights to help employees.

Keeping customers engaged requires relevant offers. For a truly personalized experience, omniX Labs' analytics platform tracks customers' interactions at your car and instantly delivers that information to your on-site attendants or app.

A man driving his car with illustrated cutouts of upward trending graphs.
A man using a tablet with ilustrated cutouts of an analytics dashboard and a graph.

Simplify complex processes.

Our platform helps simplify previously complex processes for car wash operators. It helps in adjusting strategy as needed so, wash operators can better understand customer behavior and identify trends. Additionally, our analytics solution also helps wash operators meet customer needs promptly and keeps them coming back.

An illustration of an analytics dashboard with positive graphs.

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