EverWash Intelligence

Take your car wash to the next level

Identify churn patterns and present relevant offers to keep and delight customers

Move quickly and make decisions faster:

Car Wash analytics using cameras to validate license plates.
  • Simplified dashboard with real-time customer insights
  • Easily make informed staffing decisions
  • Seasonal, event, and weather-based forecasting
  • Offer relevant marketing offers to maximize customer value
  • Find additional opportunities for growth

Validate membership and upsell.

Utilizing omniX Labs' predictive insights, wash owners can validate members using onsite cameras. Reduce fraudulent membership activities by detecting membership and license plate associations quickly. Take advantage of the opportunity to upsell with vehicle add-ons.

A photo of a license plate and a photo of surveillance cameras.
A line of cars shown from a back angle.

Accelerate membership revenue.

The omniX labs intelligence dashboard can quickly help you determine key factors driving membership growth, such as location, demographics, and customer preferences. Additionally, it helps identify new members.

Better understand your customers:

  • Predictive intelligence dashboard
  • Personalized car wash experience for customers
  • Optimized work experience for employees
  • Make your car wash smart
A female customer smiling and driving her car through a car wash.
An illustration of an analytics dashboard on a laptop and smartphone.

Ready to chat? Together, let's build a smart car wash.