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Leveraging vehicle analytics for your business

omniX synthesizes the physical interactions of your business and returns real-time insights to boost throughput and revenue.

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What omniX offers

It’s nearly impossible to get intelligent visibility on a business’s physical interactions. There are no ‘eyes’ on the business to tell us how you are actually doing in a cost effective and efficient way.

omniX can be ready in hours to work for you. Increase conversions and revenue, improve the efficiency of your operations, and detect fraud, all without any integration.

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Increase Membership
Increase Conversion Rates
Predict Volume
Prevent Loss & Fraud
Increase Efficiency
Cut Labor Costs

How it works

At omniX labs, our platform transforms your existing cameras into a trusted set of eyes and intelligent business advisor. We securely connect to your cameras, analyze your video streams live, and give you back synthesized analytics and insights via our platform, or if you prefer, our API.

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Deep Learning

Take your business to the next level

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Sales Insights

Membership is the fastest way to grow revenue & profits, and become resilient. omniX Labs is the most powerful tool on the market to grow your membership. Your sales attendants have no intel on non-members, and this leads to low conversion rates. Know more and convert customers into members at a much higher rate with omniX Labs.

  • Arm attendants with real-time data on each customer
  • Know non-member patterns and allow your attendants to target the right customers
  • Sell more memberships more efficiently, and watch your profits grow!
Member Insights

You will understand who is visiting your business, when they visit, and how they use the wash like never before. These metrics surface of what omniX Labs can unlock for you.

  • Maximize customers and member value and experience by analyzing packages and promotions that best align with their behavior
  • Validate members by license plate to eliminate misuse
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Labor Insights

Who are your top performers on staff, how many people should you staff tomorrow? How long are cars on your lot? Are certain attendants holding up your lines and your business? If you don’t have these answers, don’t worry. omniX Labs has you covered. Now you can know exactly how seasonality, local events, weather, and timing affect your volume for tomorrow.

  • Staff the right people at the right time once our neural network learns your customer and member behavior
  • Know your “Wheels on, Wheels off” time and improve your throughput
  • Eliminate rewash fraud by employees

See omniX in action

Click here to schedule a consultation. We will show you the power of omniX and its potential for your business.