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EverWash Rocket Series: Secrets to Increase Car Wash Traffic

The focus of this engaging session was on leveraging proven strategies to boost car wash traffic and, more importantly, turn those visits into lasting customer loyalty and membership. With their extensive experience in driving traffic to car washes nationwide, Max and Sean shared firsthand knowledge and actionable tips that can help any car wash operator increase their annual wash count.

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EverWash Rocket Series: Boost Your Membership Sales

EverWash's Sean Pashley and Mike Christie delved deep into the art and science of assembling a team equipped to elevate your membership numbers and, in turn, your bottom line.

From identifying the right candidates who share your vision of service excellence, to implementing training programs that empower them with the skills and knowledge to succeed, to fostering an environment that prioritizes their growth and retention — the webinar covered it all.

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Optimize Your Car Wash Business and Maximize Its Value

Did you miss our exclusive October 17, 2023 webinar, "Optimize Your Car Wash Business and Maximize Its Value"? If you did, don't worry! You can now watch the recording at your convenience. Join Harry Caruso, Founder of Car Wash Advisory Group, as he shares financial and industry insights for those looking to sell their car wash businesses.

Discover strategies to enhance your business's value, effective tactics for navigating the transition process, and how to prepare your business for a potential sale. Plus, get expert tips on optimizing your operations for long-term growth.

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