Auto Spa Car Wash, Jet Spray Car Wash, and Torrington Car Wash are the best kind of rivals. They’re friends, business partners, and competitors. Together, they extended the EverWash vision of “Wash Together, Win Together” even during the pandemic.

When COVID-19 shut things down from mid-March of 2020 to mid-March 2021, Auto Spa Car Wash of Middletown grew its membership by 58.5% despite having triple digit members. Auto Spa Express of Naugatuck added more than 1,200 members over that same period. Torrington grew by 109% since the start of this year. Finally, Jet Spray Meriden saw 108.5% growth adding well over 1,000 members YTD since March 2020.

Auto Spa Middletown

As Allan Scozzari of Auto Spa notes, “We feed off each other. You can only do so much alone. But when you’ve got a little friendly rivalry going, it helps. In the last year or so, I’ve grown more than the previous two years combined. Finally, access to multiple locations is convenient for our customers, adding EverWash membership value.”

EverWash offers a low-risk, high-return opportunity

Allan credits more than a friendly rivalry with his partners for his business growth. He was the first wash in the area to launch a membership program and has put the EverWash solution through its paces.

Allan’s verdict? “What EverWash brings to the table, it’s definitely more than your average membership program. And, it’s low risk. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain through partnering with EverWash. Car washes can get set up with EverWash for $0 down, and receive instant access to “smart” marketing tools, operations support, and a 24/7 customer contact center.

Industry insiders believe nearly all car wash owners stand to benefit from working with someone like EverWash. As Scozzari says, “To me, it gave the industry a shot in the arm, a good shot in the arm that we needed.”

Memberships match customer needs

Allan believes EverWash speaks to current trends around car ownership: “Cars are more expensive, and many people lease today. People want their cars to look good. So they wash more regularly, which makes a membership program present great value.

Auto Spa Express

“There are additional perks, too. We used to charge $2 for 4 minutes of vacuuming. With EverWash, you can go to any of our locations and use the vacuum for free or, of course, as much as you want. It’s a no-brainer!”

Which means it’s not exactly a hard sell. Still, EverWash’s best-in-class sales training helps attendants gain the skills and confidence to easily convert customers to members. Plus, with an employee commission program, the whole team becomes engaged in the success of the business.

“Each of our employees has a code. Every customer who signs up using their code, they get credit for it. That’s a great tool, it keeps everyone invested.” Add in the friendly competition between locations, and three’s is also a great motivation to convert visitors to members. “We’re always checking in on each other, says Allan. “Say another location brought on 34 new members and we’re behind, it fuels the fire between us.”

EverWash brings stability to Auto Spa

EverWash provides a steady income stream from customers who appreciate the value they get from regular car washing. Since the car wash business can be hit or miss with variables such as the weather, a membership program sustain [monthly revenue is less vulnerable.

For Auto Spa, minimizing that risk is important.

“Membership is definitely the way to go. It brings stability to our business. It really does. There’s no question about it. With memberships, you don’t even care when it rains!”

Technology strengthens and secures business

The EverWash name is a hallmark of advanced technology. And it’s clear car washes like Auto Spa are reaping the benefits. One way EverWash’s superior platform is really making a difference is helping to combat fraud. So there’s no revenue lost from people playing the system.


“Often it’s a simple mistake, notes Allan. ”Customers have changed cars and they just need to update their details in the Everwash app. But, when that’s not the case, EverWash’s WashX technology catches it.”

And EverWash doesn’t just secure against lost revenue. It actively helps car wash owners grow their business through targeted promotional campaigns and a significant social media presence.

“EverWash’s campaigns attract new customers to my location, he adds.. “If someone local clicks on an EverWash ad in their social media feed, they’re sent the details of Auto Spa. And I see their ads all the time, they’ve created a real buzz in my area.”

Customer service shines with EverWash

EverWash is the only professionally managed membership solution in the industry. So car wash owners get 24/7 customer service support for their members, marketing analytics information, and campaign support. Which leaves them free to focus on scaling their business operations.

Says Allan, “Managing customers as your membership grows. It’s a full-time job. With EverWash, all that’s taken care of for me.”

With a growing business, he values the support: “EverWash is so easy to work with. That’s key for me. Scott Caplan, EverWash’s CEO, he’s always available at the end of the phone. I can call anytime, and he’ll be there. 100% guaranteed. That, to me, is worth a lot.”

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