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WATCH: Secrets to Increasing Car Wash Traffic Webinar Recap

Show Recap: EverWash at The Car Wash Show 2024

Excel at Membership with EverWash at The Car Wash Show 2024

See what EverWash has in store at The Car Wash Show 20024 Booth #832

How to Market Your Car Wash This Memorial Day

Spring Into Profits: Leveraging the Spring Cleaning Surge

WATCH: Insights from EverWash's Latest Webinar on Boosting Membership Sales

Car Culture in Video Games: A Ride Through Digital Highways

Achieving Training Excellence at Car Wash Locations: The EverWash Approach

The Thrilling World of Auto Sports

Capitalizing on Pollen Season: Marketing Strategies for Car Washes

Exciting New Updates Coming to the EverWash Member App!

Strategies for Successful Car Wash Operators: Focus on Membership Sales and Cultural Alignment

Excel at Membership with EverWash at SCWA 2024

Recruitment Best Practices for Car Wash Operators: Attracting and Retaining Top Sales Talent

Boost Your Membership Sales: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Sales Team

Register for our next webinar "EverWash Rocket Series: Boost Your Membership Sales" today!

The Rivalry of Giants: Ferrari vs Lamborghini

Effective Valentine's Day Marketing Strategies for Car Washes

Car Wash Essentials: What You Should Know Before Your First Visit

Top 10 Most Famous Cars from Television History

Top Tips for Wash Operators with Review Websites

How a Car Wash Membership Boosts Your Health and Happiness

LISTEN: Discover Ways to Optimize Your Car Wash Business and Maximize Its Value

Discover strategies to enhance your business's value, effective tactics for navigating the transition process, and how to prepare your business for a potential sale. Plus, get expert tips on optimizing your operations for long-term growth.

How to Boost Your Car Wash Operations with Generative AI

Why an Unlimited Car Wash Membership Makes Sense

Learn how a car wash membership can be a benefit to you and your car this winter

Winter Weather

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Winter Season

Use these tips and trick to prep your business and staff for a busy winter season of washing

10 Ways to Fix Dents in Your Car

Tips and tricks to dent fixes that every car owner should know

Halloween Marketing Strategies from EverWash

Halloween Marketing Strategies for Car Wash Operators

Spook Your Way to Higher Revenues This October

Ford Motors

The History of the Ford Motor Company

Driving Innovation from the Model T to the F-150 and Beyond

October Caroscope from EverWash

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (October 2023)

Here’s your monthly Caroscope. May the cosmos steer you toward positivity and success along your journey!

Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro: A Legacy of American Muscle and Pop Culture Iconography

Let's take a roadtrip through the storied past of this American automotive icon

The Power of Car Wash Phone Support

How does excellent phone-based customer support improve car wash operations?

EverWash Tailgate Tips

Top 10 Tailgating Tips from EverWash

Your Ultimate Guide to Game Day Success

Car Wash Pricing

Car Wash Pricing Do's and Don'ts

A Comprehensive Guide for Boosting Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Ryan Caldwell

Meet Ryan, our B2B Marketing Manager. Learn about his journey, family, hobbies and more!

Use ChatGPT prompts to boost your productivity

10 ChatGPT Prompts to Enhance Car Wash Operations

10 ChatGPT prompts fit the needs of car wash operators

EverWash NRCC 2023

Come Shine with EverWash at NRCC 2023

Come and see all that EverWash has to offer at this year's NRCC in Atlantic City, NJ

EverWash Assist

The Vital Role That Answering Your Phone Plays In Car Wash Customer Service

Understand how meeting customer needs over the phone helps create happier consumers and more profitable businesses

Sustainable Commerical Car Washes

Why Commercial Car Washes Are More Sustainable Than You May Think

Debunk the myth that washing at home is more eco-friendly than washing at a commercial car wash

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (September 2023)

Here is a touch of celestial insight and positive intentions for both you and your vehicle to contemplate as this month unfolds.

Celebrate back to school at the car wash

Back to School Marketing Strategies for Car Wash Operators: Making a Splash this Season

Use these back to school marketing tips to boost sales and awareness at your wash

Check out EverWash's Verizon Case Study online now!

Boosted Signals & Operational Excellence: The EverWash and Verizon Success Story

Learn how the combination of EverWash's innovative membership management service and Verizon's robust internet infrastructure helps car wash operators boost their bottom line.

Make the most of Google My Business

Google My Business: Your Ultimate Guide to Driving Car Wash Traffic

Maximize your Google My Business Profile and attract new customers to your wash.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (August 2023)

Check your monthly Caroscope. May the universe guide you towards positivity and prosperity on your path!

There are many way to go green at your car wash.

Why Eco-Friendly Car Wash Operations Are Better For Your Business and the Environment

It's not hard being eco-conscious and a capitalist at the same time.

Honda Civic Type-R

The Evolution of Honda: A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Exploring the history, cars, and legacy of Japan's most popular car brand.

2023 Ford F-150

The Evolution of the Ford F-150: A Pickup Truck Icon

Here's a history lesson on the most iconic consumer pickup truck of all time — the Ford F-150

Things to Remember Before Your Next Visit to the Car Wash

Five essentials tips to make sure every visit to the wash is a good one.

Bob Rossini EverWash Wash Partner Spotlight

WATCH: Bob Rossini Explains How Promotions Helped Propel Record-Breaking Membership Sales at His Wash

Max Pulcini speaks with the owner and operator of Purple Elephant Car Wash - Torrington to discuss what factors led to the wash's unprecedented year of membership and revenue growth.


Unleashing Creativity and Connecting with Car Wash Customers on TikTok

Learn how to get the most out of the hottest social media platform available.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (July 2023)

Rev up your engines as cosmic alignments reveal the road map of this month's caroscope. Buckle up, embrace the celestial dance, and let the universe guide your journey on wheels.

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Garrett Ehman

Meet Garret Ehman. One of our business development representatives

Your opinion matters

Using Constructive Criticism to Empower Your Car Wash Employees

Learn what to consider when providing constructive criticism to your car wash employees

Social media

Proven Social Media Strategies and Best Practices for Car Wash Operators

Employee these proven social media strategies to take your brand to the next level.

Wash Talk Podcast Ep. 158

WATCH: EverWash Director of Marketing Talks Membership Trends With Wash Talk Podcast

Max Pulcini, Director of Marketing for EverWash, joined Wash Talk host Rich DiPaolo to discuss car wash membership trends.

Resending the EverWash welcome Text or email

WATCH: Learn How Attendants Help Members Log Into the EverWash App

Learn how you can help solve your customer's log-in woes with this handy video.

Beat the Heat: Summer Car Care Tips for Car Owners

Keep your car clean and protected with these summer car care tips.

Dogs can dirty up a car quickly! Follow these tips to keep your car clean for you and your pets.

Car Care Tips for Animal Lovers: Keeping Your Vehicle Clean and Pet-Friendly

Create a car environment that's ideal for you and your pets.

Tools and resources

Beneficial Tools and Resources to Help You Manage Your Social Media

Use these tools and resources to help you take charge of your social media presence.

Social media platforms

Best Social Media Platforms for Engaging with Car Wash Customers

Where should you spend your time and energy promoting your car wash?

Buying a product or service online with a credit.

Proposed Changes to the FTC's Negative Option Rule: A Critical Perspective How New Regulations Could Effect Your Business

Understand the ways proposed changes to the FTC's Negative Option Rule could negatively impact your car wash operation

June 2023 Caroscope

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (June 2023)

Here's a little cosmic wisdom and well wishes for you and your car to reflect on for the upcoming month.

Road trips make for fun adventures all across the United States

Unforgettable Road Trips: Exploring America's Must-Visit Routes

Discover five bucket list trips for you and your car.

A spacious interior is one aspect of a car perfect for tall people.

Driving to New Heights: The Best Cars for Tall People in 2023

Discovering the best cars for tall folks in 2023

7 Steps to Set Up a Profitable Car Wash Membership Program

7 Steps to Set Up a Profitable Car Wash Membership Program

Follow these tips to kick start your revenues and become a profitable car wash

Thanks for connecting with EverWash at The Car Wash Show '23

Recapping The Car Wash Show '23 With EverWash

Here's what EverWash highlighted at the Car Wash Show '23, including EverWash Membership, EverWash Analytics, and EverWash Assist

Makings an online purchase with a credit card

Proposed Changes to the FTC's Negative Option Rule: Potential Positive Implications For Car Wash Operators

Get to know the potential positive effects the proposed changes to the FTC's Negative Option Rule could have on car wash operators

Max Pulcini and Mike Christie in the EverWash Assist Booth

Introducing EverWash Assist @ The Car Wash Show '23

Learn more about EverWash Assist with this live interview from The Car Wash Show '23

Anoop Kanthan, Brian Krusz, and Matt DeWolf at The Car Wash Show

WATCH: Anoop Kanthan Talks AI in the Car Wash Industry @ The Car Wash Show '23

Car Wash Magazine's Matt DeWolf sits down with Anoop Kanthan and Brian Krusz to discuss what’s possible regarding artificial intelligence and car washing.

Max Pulcini and Blane Smiley

WATCH: Blane Smiley Explains How Membership Increased His Market Share, Revenues, and Single Wash Business

Island Car Wash Operator shares his experience with EverWash

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (May 2023)

There is no better time to invest in your potential than today. The road to success lies within you, so believe in yourself.

Selling With the EverWash App

WATCH: Selling Like a Pro Using the EverWash App

EverWash pros teach attendants how to use the EverWash App to effectively sell memberships

Online shopping with a credit card

Understanding the Proposed Changes to the FTC's Negative Option Rule

Understand the FTC's Negative Option Rule and the potential changes that are on the horizon.

Episode 2 of the EverWash Podcast

LISTEN: Episode Two of the EverWash Podcast

Max Pulcini covers EverWash's presence at the upcoming Car Wash Show in Las Vegas.

Bringing your brand to life: Capturing the essence of your business in a single image.

Boost Your Car Wash Profits with These Proven Rebranding Strategies

As a car wash owner, it's important to think about rebranding. By making changes to things like your logo, website design, creative assets, and marketing approach, you can give your business a fresh look and attract new customers.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (April 2023)

What does fortune have in store for you and your car this month?

2023 Preview of the International Carwash Association Car Wash Show in Las Vegas

EverWash at the Car Wash Show '23: Everything You Need to Know!

EverWash will be exhibiting in Booth #1419 & Booth # 338 at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas, May 8-10

Insights From the Women at EverWash

To help wrap up Women's History Month, here's a look at what being in the car wash and technology industries means to women at EverWash. This is what they had to say:

deliver the perfect pitch

WATCH: How to Deliver the Perfect Pitch

EverWash VP of Partner Success Sean Pashley dives deep into the art of delivering the perfect pitch

HR compliance corner

Compliance Corner: Your HR Update From EverWash

Collecting all the regulatory updates so you don’t have to!

5 Reasons Why Your Car Wash Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

If you still haven't gotten your brand online, here's a list of five reasons why your car wash needs a strong social media presence

membership sales FAQ

WATCH: Membership Sales FAQs, Nuts & Bolts

EverWash VP of Partner Success Sean Pashley reviews the most Frequently Asked Questions that car wash customers have for attendants.

Sales tips from the experts

WATCH: Get Sales Tips Straight From EverWash Experts in this Advance Attendant Training Video

Sean Pashley dives into using marketing tools to increase conversions in his latest Advanced Attendant Sales Training session

ChatGPT Prompt for Car Wash Operators

20 ChatGPT Commands to Boost Your Car Wash Marketing, Pricing, and Customer Service

As a car wash operator, using AI like ChatGPT can transform your marketing efforts, save time, and increase brand recognition. ChatGPT offers personalized content creation, automated customer service, and helps keep up with digital marketing changes.

Take pictures next time you wash your car

6 Fun Things to Make Your Next Car Wash Visit Epic

Taking your family to the car wash can be turned into an enjoyable outing with creative ideas. As car washes become more popular in communities, routine activities can be spiced up with excitement and fun. Creating a customized soundtrack or playing car wash games can make your next trip more enjoyable.

Max Pulcini and Charlotte O'Connor

WATCH: Charlotte O'Connor Discusses Membership Sales, Customer Service, and What It Takes to Succeed as a Woman in Car Washing

EverWash's Max Pulcini recently spoke with Charlotte O'Connor, Membership Sales Manager for Town Wash Holdings, to discuss membership sales, customer service, and what it takes to succeed as a woman in the car wash industry.

5 Way to Use ChatGPT for Car Wash Marketing

Five Ways ChatGPT Can Boost Your Car Wash's Marketing

ChatGPT's cutting-edge AI technology can help you enhance your car wash marketing efforts and reach your ideal audience faster. With ChatGPT's powerful tools, you can create marketing offers and strategies quickly and effectively, expanding your customer base in new ways.

EverWash and omniX booth attendees

Recapping the SCWA Convention & Expo with EverWash and omniX Labs

Last week, the SCWA Convention & EXPO brought together car wash operators, suppliers, and vendors from all over the country.

EverWash is made of hard-working people — just like you and the folks who work at your car wash! Here's this month's EverWash Employee Spotlight.

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Michelle Kingston

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we're proud to showcase the diverse and talented women who make our tech startup a success. Meet Michelle Kingston.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (March 2023)

Marketing Plan Webinar

EverWash Unveils Car Wash Marketing Plan for First-Half of 2023

Max Pulcini outlines network-wide promotions, awareness campaigns, and social engagement contests for the first half of 2023.

The EverWash Podcast Episode One

LISTEN: Episode One of the EverWash Podcast

Check out Episode One of the new EverWash Podcast on YouTube!

EverWash at the 2023 SWCA Conference and Expo

Schedule Time With Our Revenue Growth and Analytics Experts at the 2023 SWCA Conference and Expo!

Whether you're looking for membership solutions or ways to expand your analytical insights, EverWash has something for every wash operator at the SWCA Conference and Expo.

EverWash movie selection

EverWash's Favorite Movies About Cars

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, we've put together a list of our favorite movies about cars!

February 2023 Caroscope

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (February 2023)

What does fortune have in store for you and your car this month?

Welcome to EverWash's Advance Sales Training video!

Watch: Learning How to Deliver the Perfect Sales Pitch

EverWash's VP of Partner Success Sean Pashley invites car wash attendants from across the country to join him for a free Advance Sales tactics webinar each month.

Revenue Growth

3 Creative Ways to Maximize Car Wash Revenue

Three creative ways to optimize the revenue potential of your car wash

Hiring a wash attendants with strong soft skills for car wash success

Achieve Spotless Results: Five Soft Skills to Look for in Car Wash Attendants

Assessing a candidate's soft skills can help you determine whether they are the right fit for the role of car wash attendant. When you ask the right questions, you can learn a lot about a candidate's problem-solving skills, their ability to manage their time, their ability to work with others, their ability to handle stress, and their ability to adjust to change.

Max Pulcini speaks with Tim Terrizzi, the operator of Pit Stop Car Wash

How I Got to 1000 Members: Tim Terrizzi, Pit Stop Car Wash

Max Pulcini speaks with Tim Terrizzi, the operator of Pit Stop Car Wash in Philadelphia, PA to discuss tips, tricks, and best practices Tim has learned on his way to more than 1000 members at his full-service car wash.

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Kyle Sheehan

Get 2023 started right with these car-based resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions For Car Owners

The New Year is a time for resolutions and getting things done. It's also the perfect time to make some changes to your car, which will keep it looking sharp and running smoothly.

EverWash January 2023 Caroscope

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (January 2023)

You've got a lot to be thankful for. Life is good! Your hard work is paying off. Let success wash over you (pun intended).

Predictive insights to improve car wash experiences for wash operators, customers, and attendants

Using predictive insights to optimize smart car wash growth

Unlock customer insights that will help you make better decisions about staffing, car wash operations, and more. Predictive analytics can help you predict how customers will behave, identify patterns in customer behavior, and optimize your business for future success.

Car wash towel dry close up

Here's What Our Wash Partners Had to Say About EverWash in 2022

As we look back on 2022, here's what some of our long-standing partners had to say about us.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (December 2022)

The sky's the limit, and your car is your vehicle; don't limit you or your vehicle from new and exciting opportunities. You're braver than you think, so go for it!

EverWash had a busy year in 2022

EverWash Year In Review 2022

The past 12 months have seen us add talent to our team, cultivate new partnerships, and integrate new and existing technologies to create delightful experiences for members, and recurring revenue for wash operators.

There's a gift for car lovers of all types!

Holiday Gift Guide For the Car Lovers in Your Life

Still scrambling for last minute gift ideas for the car lovers in your life? Well, aside from an EverWash Membership, we've compiled a list of 12 can-miss gifts for car enthusiasts of all ages and types.

EverWash Success Part 1 Ambassadorship

First Part of New Advance Attendant Webinar Series Focuses on Brand Ambassadorship

Part 1 of EverWash's Advanced Sales Tactics webinar series on Attendant Success is now live!

Learning something new will open up new and unexpected doors. Try a  car care 101 class or an upholstery class (virtual or in-person).

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (November 2022)

Every month, EverWash's astrologists will provide you and your car with a little cosmic wisdom and well wishes to reflect on for the upcoming month.

Five Tips For IBA Success

From signage to staffing, membership to mobile apps, here's a look at Five Tips for IBA Success.

Internet searches influence more than 80% of online transactions!

Your Business is Who Google and Social Media Say it Is...and So Are You

Your business' online presence is important. Very important. In today's digital age, potential customers will Google your business before they ever step foot in your store or office. And what they find will influence their decision to do business with you.

Conservation is key to being environmentally friendly

How a Professional Car Wash Can Help the Environment

Professional car washes are actually much better for the environment than washing your car yourself.

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Rachel Fry

Get to know Rachel!

Two men, one the owner and the other the second in command standing to the side of a car wash with a patron

The Importance of having a Second-in-Command

It is essential to have a backup. Being able to trust someone who knows the business and what to expect will be helpful if you are sick, have an accident, or need time off for any other reason. Choose someone capable of taking over your business in your absence who is interested in learning more about the industry-after all, they might one day take over as the owner!

Vivek Kanthan

EverWash-Sponsored Kart Racer Takes Home the Gold

We're pleased to announce that Vivek Kanthan has won the Rok Cup Superfinals.

Dan Armstrong, Vermont Lazerwash, Wash Operator Spotlight

"They Have Transformed Everything About My Car Wash, and My Life": Dan Armstrong on Why EverWash Was the Right Decision

Last year, Vermont Lazerwash pulled 105,000 cars through its tunnel — a record year for the business. On top of the impressive car count, the wash also hit new highs in revenues and profits.

How to Create an Optimized and Engaging Customer Journey (Part 1)

Personalized service and product experiences are expected from customers today. Building a brand or product relies heavily on the customer journey. Data-driven customer journeys can help car wash operators automate and maintain individualized customer service.

What makes a good automotive blog?

Top Car Websites and Blogs to Follow For News, Reviews, and Culture

We've rounded up some of our favorite sources of news and reviews, plus some other fun blogs that cover everything from culture to custom builds — all in one place!

Spooky Car

13 Spooky Cars That Remind Us of Halloween

In honor of Halloween, here's EverWash's list of 13 famous spooky cars that make us think about the scariest time of year.

Hustle culture is so yesterday. You are all about chilling out with a mix of sun and a good read. So, why not. Make time to feel good, take a mental health day, and give your car a break.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (October 2022)

*Every month, EverWash's astrologists will provide you and your car with a little cosmic wisdom and well wishes to reflect on for the upcoming month.*

There was a noticeable buzz around the EverWash booth throughout the two-day show as the company unveiled their newest Virtual Attendant prototype, exhibited the possibilities of connected car integrations, and demonstrated the power of a dedicated salesperson with EverWash Ignite.

ICYMI: EverWash NRCC Booth Showcases Innovation in Car Wash Membership Sales, Activation, Analytics, and Support

EverWash always likes making a splash at the NRCC, and the 2023 edition of the annual regional car washing conference was no exception.

Richard DeGennaro, omnix Director of Partner Success joins to share his experiences as an operations manager at a successful chain of car washes.

Watch: What Defines Success at a Car Wash?

EverWash's VP of Partner Success Sean Pashley invites car wash attendants from across the country to join him for a free Advanced Sales Tactics Webinar each month.

September EverWash Caroscope

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (September 2022)

Every month, EverWash's astrologists will provide you and your car with a little cosmic wisdom and well wishes to reflect on for the upcoming month.

What does your car color say about you?

Car Color and Personality Types: What's Your Car Say About You?

Grab your keys and let's dive into the science of car colors, specifically what each type says about you and why those perceptions are formed.

Meet with EverWash at NRCC

Schedule Time With Our Revenue Growth Experts at NRCC 2022!

Meet with EverWash at Booth #325 on September 20-21, as we take our industry-leading membership platform "down the shore" from our Philadelphia headquarters for one of our favorite car wash industry events of the year.

Look good while driving in style with any of these high-end fashion designer x car maker collabs!

Check Out These Crazy Fashion Designer x Car Maker Collabs

To celebrate New York Fashion Week and the trends it brings in with it, here's our list of Top Fashion Designer/Car Collabs and Cross Overs.

Image Credit: Addison Reiner

The Clean Ride Solution for Busy (and Happy!) Moms

Clean cars make happier moms!

The Philadelphia100 is one of the most sought awards in the region

EverWash Named to Philadelphia100 For the First Time

EverWash has been named to the Philadelphia100 for the first time in company history.

New Attendant Training Webinar

Watch: Tips and Tricks to Set Attendants Up For Success

In this month's video, Pashley covers various tips, tricks, tolls and strategies for new attendants looking to have more success selling on-site.

Max Pulcini, EverWash Director of Marketing & Communications

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Max Pulcini

EverWash is made of hard-working people — just like you and the folks who work at your car wash! Here's this month's EverWash Employee Spotlight: Max Pulcini, Director of Marketing & Communications

A clean car wash means happier customers!

Does Your Car Wash Have a Visual Appeal?

Having clean uniforms, clean signage, and a clean property shows that you care about your customers. Using these visual cues can help you create a winning customer experience.

August 2022: You are an ambassador of joy, and good vibes are all around. Share your positive energy with the world and hit the road.

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (August 2022)

Every month, EverWash's astrologists will provide you and your car with a little cosmic wisdom and well wishes to reflect on for the upcoming month.*

Treat your car and your brain to some TLC with this reading list

EverWash's Back to School Reading List 2022

It's never too late to be a student and learn something new! Check out our list, pick up a book, and let us know what's on your Back to School Reading List.

Cars can be a petri dish for germs, bacteria, and all sorts of other Clean Car Enemies that can make you and your family sick.

Tips on Keeping Your Car Germ-Free

Here are some tips for keeping your ride safe from germs all year long.

The Soaring 76 list provides insight into the sectors and businesses that are taking off locally.

EverWash Named on 2022 'Soaring 76' List of Fastest Growing Philadelphia-Area Businesses

We are proud to announce that EverWash has been named to the 2022 Soaring 76 list!

Car wash history is a long and storied one

History Class: The Story Behind Car Washing

Today's History Class will explore the century-long history of the car wash industry, cover some of its important milestones, and show how they helped lead us to where we are today!

Kim Allen manages 27 car wash locations in Colorado.

"They're always going to come to your car wash": Kim Allen on why membership works at IBAs

Kim Allen explains the ways EverWash has benefitted her car washes, and debunks the myth that IBAs can't support a successful membership program.

Max Pulcini, Director of Marketing & Communications at EverWash and Kevin Wang, SVP Product at Braze

Watch: EverWash Marketing Director Joins Loyalty360 Podcast to Discuss Member Loyalty

Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson recently spoke with Max Pulcini and Kevin Wang to learn more about how the two companies have worked together to nurture customer loyalty in a historically undisrupted market.

EverWash App onboarding communications

EverWash Highlighted in Case Study on Member Engagement, Conversion, and Retention

EverWash's journey to create a more valuable member onboarding experience was [recently the subject of a case study by Braze](https://www.braze.com/customers/everwash-case-study)

Welcome to EverWash's Advance Sales Training video!

Watch: Understanding the Mindset of Car Wash Customers

EverWash's VP of Partner Sucess Sean Pashley invites car wash attendants from across the country to join him for a free Advance Sales tactics webinar each month.

CryptoPay EverWash Capabilities Collage

Distributor Partner Spotlight - CryptoPay

Our partner CryptoPay has developed CryptoTap, contactless credit and debit card readers that are simple to use, secure, scalable and fast - all important characteristics in today’s digital economy.

Boost Your Brand

Five Tips for Boosting Your Brand

Branding is about creating a consistent experience for your customers. When you have a single voice and unified style, it's easier to deliver on that experience.

Lissa Morinsky, Project Manager at EverWash

EverWash Employee Spotlight: Lissa Morinsky

Get to know Lissa Morinsky, Project Manager at EverWash

PHL Inno Fire Awards

EverWash Named Among 20 Inaugural PHL Inno Fire Awards Honorees

This award adds to an already impressive list of accolades and honors in the company's trophy closet

Woman riding in a sketch of sports car: Enjoying what having a new car would feel like!

What's The Best Time to Buy a New Car?

If you're looking for a new car, here are some tips and tricks for finding the best possible deal based on when you buy.

Man holds phone in his car that's recently been prepped for sale.

Getting Your Car Ready for Sale: Best Practices

Selling a car is not as straightforward as taking it to a dealership and expecting them to give you the price you deserve. You need to do some prep work first!

July 2022 Caroscope

EverWash Monthly Caroscope (July 2022)

What does fortune have in store for you and your car this month?

Exclusive Car Wash in Danbury, CT

Exclusive Car Wash Adds EverWash Membership to Its Storied Record of Succes

Exclusive Car Wash’s Rico Danesi has seen a number of changes at the Danbury, CT, full-service wash since it opened in 1989.

Time to hire

Three Signs That It's Time to Hire

It’s hard to know when it’s time to hire more employees. You may be working hard for your business, but with all of the demands on your time and energy, it’s easy to think adding another full-time employee is just one more thing you don’t have time for.

Road Trip

Summer Road Trip Coming Up? Check Out These 5 Travel Essentials

We love road trips at EverWash. The idea of spending hours driving through unknown cities or down rural highways, stopping at roadside attractions, and discovering new places is super exciting to us.

Road trip

The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

Aside from friends and family, the perfect road trip companion is music! You probably have a favorite song list already built up on Spotify or Apple Music, but here’s another option for you as you embark on your next Road Trip.

EverWash Subaru

2022’s Most Reliable Cars

A car’s reliability is one of the most critical factors when choosing a brand and model. After all, no one wants to find themselves stranded on the side of the road when something breaks down. Even worse? The thought of paying for repairs to an older car, especially if you have a limited budget.

Car Wash Magazine Live Episode 97 with Scott Caplan and Scott Pashley

Car Wash Magazine Live Goes Behind the Brand With EverWash

EverWash's Scott Caplan and Scott Pashley recently joined Matt DeWolf on CAR WASH Magazine Live

Philadelphia skyline

EverWash Named in Ranking of Top 28 Logistics Startups & Companies in the Philadelphia Metro

Freight.coffee has listed EverWash on its list of 28 Top Logistics Startups & Companies in the Philadelphia Metro

America on the Road brings car buyers and enthusiasts behind-the-scenes looks into what's cutting edge in the auto industry

Scott Caplan Joins America on the Road to Talk EverWash

EverWash Co-Founder Scott Caplan recently joined Jack Nerad on Driving Today’s America on the Road podcast to discuss EverWash and the interesting and innovative ways the app helps consumers keep their cars clean.

The Philadelphia market is a 'gold rush' for car washes.

EverWash Founder Talks State of Car Wash Industry With Phila Business Journal

EverWash Co-CEO Scott Caplan recently spoke to the Philadelphia Business Journal regarding the state of the car wash industry, and the amount of private equity money flowing in at this current time.

Car wash technology

EverWash Leadership Speaks to PYMNTS About Machine Learning and the Future of Car Wash Industry

EverWash Co-CEO [Scott Caplan](https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-caplan-6251121aa) recently spoke with PYMNTS regarding their acquisition of onmiX Labs and how Machine Learning (ML) can impact the car wash industry.

EverWash Booth at SCWA Expo

EverWash Debuts New, Larger Exhibit at SCWA Expo; Demos Wash Membership ‘Firsts’

EverWash debuted its new, larger exhibit at the recent Southwest Car Wash Association Expo & Convention.

Philadelphia Union Logo

EverWash Teams Up With Philadelphia Union Soccer Club

The Philadelphia Union and EverWash announced they have entered into a partnership to make EverWash the Official Car Wash Membership Partner of the Philadelphia Union and Subaru Park.

EverWash at ICA 2021

EverWash Display Latest Car Wash Membership Innovations at the ICA Car Wash Show

ICA’s Car Wash Show 2021, held in Las Vegas from November 15th to 17th turned out a huge crowd of car wash owners, operators, investors, and exhibitors after the 2020 show cancellation, and the EverWash booth was the center of attention from start to finish!

l. to r.: Scott Pashley, Justin Salisbury, Scott Caplan, Len Finegood, Anoop Kanthan

EverWash Panel Portrays ‘The Future of Wash Membership’ at ICA’s Car Wash Show

The average household has nine streaming subscriptions. So where is the car wash industry right now when it comes to membership and where will we be in 5, 10, 20 years?

Left to right: Scott Pashley and Scott Caplan

Meet the Disrupters: Scott Caplan of EverWash On the Three Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry

Scott Caplan is EverWash’s President and Co-Founder. In this interview , he tells the story of how he got started with EverWash.

Pit Stop Philly

Family-Owned Pit Stop Car Wash Makes Sure Customers Receive That Family Touch

In an era marked by distance, automation, and impersonality, it is comforting to know that, despite common misconceptions, family owned and operated businesses have not gone entirely the way of the dodo.

EverWash's $5 million capital raise will help continue its explosive growth

EverWash Secures $5M Investment to Accelerate Growth

Philadelphia-based car wash membership startup EverWash raised $5 million to continue its explosive growth and hire more staffers.

2020 New York State Championship for Power Lifting

Congrats to EverWash-Sponsored Athletes!

EverWash loves sponsoring winners like Allen Yates and Vivek Kanthan as they pursue athletic excellence in Power Lifting and Karting, respectively.

EverWash NRCC After Party

Visit EverWash @ The NRCC & Free After Party!

The EverWash team will be sharing some ‘rockin’ news at our NRCC exhibit, booth #325, and rockin’ and rollin’ Tuesday evening at our classic rock after party with the B Street Band!

Empire Car Wash Group

The omniX Difference

Empire Car Wash Group Gains Data Capture, Fraud Prevention, and Analytics Insight from EverWash-omniX

AutoLaundry logo

How to Mobilize and Monetize a Wash Membership Program

The June issue of Auto Laundry News featured the following article by EverWash’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Pashley on mobilizing and monetizing a wash membership program

EverWash Logo

That's Happy Branding: Check Out EverWash's New Look!

Our new look and feel launches today — June 8th, 2021 — and we’re super excited to share it with you all!

Scott Caplan and Scott Pashley on Forbes Books Radio

EverWash Featured on Forbes Books Radio Podcast Hosted by Joe Pardavila

EverWash’s Scott Caplan and Scott Pashley were featured on a recent episode of Uncertain Times a ForbesBooks Radio Podcast hosted by Joe Pardavila.

Auto Spa Car Wash Locations

Wash Together, Win Together: Local Rivals & Friends Share EverWash and Stellar Growth

Auto Spa Car Wash, Jet Spray Car Wash, and Torrington Car Wash are the best kind of rivals. They’re friends, business partners, and competitors. Together, they extended the EverWash vision of “Wash Together, Win Together” even during the pandemic.

Mountain City Suds in Mountain City, TN.

Operator Spotlight: Allen Yates and Mountain City Suds

The Tomahawk, a local news outlet serving communities in Tennessee, recently did a write up on EverWash Wash Partner Allen Yates.

Car Wash Podcast

The Power of Partnership: EverWash Featured on Recent Episode of the Car Wash Podcast

Scott Pashley, EverWash’s Chief Revenue Officer, recently sat down with David Begin of the International Carwash Association to discuss EverWash’s origins in the fitness industry, and the financial benefits of membership and recurring revenue.

Super Spray Car Wash logo

It's Been an Awesome Experience with EverWash

I first came across EverWash in a Kleen-Rite Catalog, and it intrigued me because I had been wanting to do some type of membership. At the time I didn’t have enough funds to buy all the equipment to do any kind of membership, or so I thought.

Turning attendants into sales teams

Setting Up Your Sales Attendants for Success

EverWash has carved a name for itself by being the best partner in the car wash industry. For us, it’s more than just improving the performance of your membership program — it’s about providing you with the experience, the expertise, and the best practices that set you and your car wash up for success from the start.

Empire Car Wash Group logo

You Won't Find a Group Willing to Go Out of Their Way for You Like EverWash

We all come from business backgrounds, and have built successful car wash operations over the past 10 years. But despite all of our collective experience, we could never get membership right.

Craig Gilham of Sudz Car Wash

Saddling Up with EverWash

Gonzalez, Texas, is a relatively small town with a population of about 7,500, but it is the birthplace of Texas Independence. Its flag bears the motto, ‘Come And Take It,’ perfectly summarizing the self-sufficiency attitude instilled in the surrounding Texas Hill Country since its founding.