My name is Doyle Zimbleman, operator of Super Spray Car Wash, an IBA in Tahlequah, OK.

I first came across EverWash in a Kleen-Rite Catalog, and it intrigued me because I had been wanting to do some type of membership. At the time I didn’t have enough funds to buy all the equipment to do any kind of membership, or so I thought.

I called EverWash and spoke to Frank Brigidi, who got me excited about membership before I even started. It was free to start up with EverWash, and their team worked with me to get my wash set up right, which is so important, and something not other companies would do.

With all the different signs, banners, and technology I needed, EverWash provided support every step of the way, both financially and professionally. That was a huge help to me.

Frank also made me believe that I could have success. He told me, “I’m sure you can get 500 members with no problems. To grow members beyond that we will have to add customers.” I said to myself, “Man, if I can get 200 members I’m going to be happy.” Frank firmly told me, “No, Doyle, you’re going to get to 500.”

So we set that goal and as we started growing. We hit 400 or so, and that’s when COVID-19 hit. I live in a small town of only sixteen thousand people, and it was a ghost town around here.

Thank gosh we had the EverWash App during COVID, because it allowed people to pull up and they didn’t even have to roll down their window or touch anything to get a wash. Members just scan their QR code and we still wash their car.

We’re now two years later and there’s no B.S. here — you can really get to these numbers if you guys try. I’m sitting at more than 700 members now — even after COVID — and still growing.

Now we are working with Richard DeGennaro, EverWash’s Director of Training, to get us to 1000 members. Richard’s insight has been eye opening, really.

It’s been an awesome experience with EverWash, I’ve never had any trouble whatsoever. The entire team has always been available to answer any questions I’ve had, from the time I was getting set up, up to present day, and for that I am very appreciative.