This past year, EverWash welcomed more than 200 new car washes to our network. As we look back on 2022, here's what some of our long-standing partners had to say about us:

Dan Armstrong — Vermont Lazerwash (Montpelier, VT)

Dan operates Vermont Lazer Wash, a tunnel located in the state capital of Montpelier. Last year, the wash served 105,000 cars — a record year for the business. On top of the impressive car count, the wash also hit all-time highs in revenues and profits. What was the secret to all the success?

"It's completely due to EverWash. We were pretty stagnant for a decade, just washing the same amount of cars," Dan said. "When we started offering membership, things just started to grow and grow, and now it is just unbelievable where we're at. We're washing cars all the time."

Vermont Lazerwash

After four years with EverWash, Dan's wash has topped 3,000 members.

"EverWash has transformed everything about my car wash — my entire life, really," he said. "The extra revenue generated through membership has been a game changer. We've hired more employees. We pay livable wages. We're able to provide healthcare for our employees. It's such a great feeling to know that you're impacting so many lives and making lives better. Just for simply washing cars. It's great."

Kim Allen — ProClean and National Pride Car Washes (Denver, CO)

Kim is the Manager of ProClean and National Pride, two chains of IBA and Self Serve washes in the Denver area. While she was initially drawn to EverWash's membership sales and subscription management services, it was even easier for Kim to make a decision thanks to the relationship EverWash has with her existing equipment providers, such as CryptoPay.

ProClean and National Pride use CryptoPay as their credit card processing partner. One of CryptoPay's newest products, the CryptoTap, allows car wash customers to use NFC technology in the latest credit cards to tap to pay.

Kim Allen

Through EverWash's integration with CryptoPay, washes with CryptoPay swipers can easily implement EverWash-powered membership programs. As a result, both customers and operators can enjoy the convenience of membership.

"The integration between CryptoPay and EverWash has been super easy. If you already have the CryptoPay system, or if you decide to purchase and install the CryptoPay system, it's as easy as working with EverWash to connect everything together." Kim explained. "EverWash uses an app on your phone, so easy for customers to use. I get excited when I show customers how easy it is to use, you know? It's that easy, flawless really."

CryptoPay and EverWash have helped change the perception in the industry that self-service and in-bay automatic car washes can't have profitable membership programs. ProClean and National Pride revenues are up. As a result, the washes could invest in upgraded vacuums, LED light displays, repaving parking lots, upgrading wash equipment, and — most importantly — raising wages.

"If you're a car wash operator, especially one that already has CryptoPay installed on your self-serve bays and IBAs, I would most definitely add EverWash. EverWash gives you back-end money that you really just see come in on a consistent, recurring basis every month," Kim said.

Rico Danesi — Exclusive Car Wash (Danbury, CT)

Exclusive Car Wash’s Rico Danesi has operated his tunnel wash since 1989. He's seen interest and ownership in cars and car wash technology flourish since, along with his customers’ expectations of the wash experience.

The EverWash mobile app has been instrumental in Rico's ability to provide a cutting-edge membership experience to his customers while allowing him to focus on providing the highest wash quality possible.

When you add on-site signage and menus, strategic pricing, sales training for employees, ongoing marketing, a website, consumer EverWash branding, and a member help contact center, EverWash membership provides a complete solution for Rico’s wash.

“The great results speak for themselves,” says Rico. “We started with zero members and have grown exponentially every year since. Meanwhile, the attention I receive from founder Scott Caplan and the entire team demonstrates true partnership. I have only one word to describe my feelings about Everwash: Fantastic!”