EverWash always likes making a splash at the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention, and the 2023 edition of the annual conference was no exception. There was a noticeable buzz around the EverWash booth throughout the two-day show as the company unveiled its newest Virtual Attendant prototype, exhibited the possibilities of connected car integrations, and demonstrated the power of a dedicated salesperson with EverWash Ignite.

Virtual Attendant Prototype

EverWash has dazzled trade show floors before with their Virtual Attendant demonstrations. The Virtual Attendant allows remote workers to provide 24/7 dedicated sales and customer support at unmanned car washes.

A trained Car Wash Membership Sales Associate can call into the kiosk from anywhere in the world to provide on-demand customer service and sales support to car wash visitors, allowing for more opportunities for membership sales, upgrades, and more.

At NRCC 2023, EverWash unveiled its newest version of the video kiosk, which was modeled after traditional carwash paystations. Check out the video below to see the Virtual Attendant Demonstration in action… Yes, that's a real person on the screen!

EverWash Ignite

The Virtual Attendant is part of a larger EverWash product initiative called EverWash Ignite. EverWash recently launched Ignite in a few select markets, with plans to expand nationally over the next year.

As part of Ignite, EverWash offers advanced training and a revenue playbook to help your car wash sell memberships and increase recurring revenue. In addition, EverWash recruits, hires, deploys, and manages onsite sales associates to sell memberships at your wash for four to six weeks. Our Onsite Sales Associates also train your employees on best sales practices.

Sean Pashley, EverWash's VP of Partner Success, Training, and Development, was on-hand to discuss EverWash's sales and training philosophy and role-play the average Ignite interaction for NRCC attendees.

Connected Car Integrations

Just before the NRCC began, MAVI.io announced that its revolutionary OnMyWay Mobile Retail Network™ would feature integration with Everwash App. This in-vehicle solution allows for convenient commerce in any Connected Car capable of processing payments. This works by connecting the car’s interface and data to MAVI’s Mobile Retail Network™, a marketplace of leading commercial business and service providers, while taking into account real-time inventory as well as the driver’s location, route, destination, order and payment preferences, and loyalty program memberships.

Drivers can use MAVI to request that their connected cars recommend, order, pay for and coordinate car wash services. "We are excited about our collaboration with MAVI, as it aligns with our continued strategy of driving more customers and members to neighborhood car washes, and creating more delightful everyday experiences," said Scott Pashley, Chief Revenue Officer, EverWash.

You can see a video of EverWash demonstrating the MAVI integration here:

The Best of the Rest

The EverWash Booth also featured demonstrations of the EverWash Mobile App, the company's remote start capabilities, omniX Vehicle Analytics (check out the video below), prize wheel and swag walls, and plenty of good conversations around members, revenue, and the power of partnership.

EverWash's next show is the Southwest Car Wash Association Convention & Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas, on February 22-24, 2023. Want to connect with an EverWash representative right away? Click here to schedule an appointment and get started today!