Exclusive Car Wash’s Rico Danesi has seen a number of changes at the Danbury, CT, full-service wash since it opened in 1989. Interest and ownership in cars and car wash technology have flourished in the ensuing years, as have customers’ expectations of the wash experience.

Exclusive continuously invested in the business, enhancing its position with one-stop-shop amenities such as detailing, treatments, and basic car washing. In the process, the wash continued to exceed customer expectations by providing a more personalized wash experience.

“Customer choice is as important to today’s car wash customer as it has ever been,” says Rico. “Our visitors can choose full-service, basic, express packages, and professional detailing. At every price point, and at every level of care, we have a car wash service that meets their needs.”

Membership Has Its Advantages for Exclusive and Its Customers

Rico also recognized that while a quality, custom-fit wash experience helped drive business, the unpredictable New England weather resulted in too many lost wash days. Despite having the best operations and a solid customer experience, foul weather fouled revenue predictability.

Then, one day in 2018, Rico was introduced to the concept of membership by EverWash’s Frank Brigidi. Frank described how a membership program could help his wash stabilize monthly revenue despite the lost weather days.

More importantly, Frank showed Rico that he could immediately start a turnkey membership program without any upfront costs.

The EverWash Difference

From the EverWash mobile app to on-site signage and menus, strategic pricing, sales training for employees, ongoing marketing, a website, consumer EverWash branding, and a member help contact center, EverWash membership provided a complete solution for Rico’s wash.

Rico reports that Exclusive has faithfully applied the EverWash keys to growth, especially when selling memberships to every visitor and taking advantage of EverWash’s custom marketing campaigns.

“The great results speak for themselves,” says Rico. “We started with zero members and have grown exponentially every year since. Meanwhile, the attention I receive from founder Scott Caplan and the entire team demonstrates true partnership. I have only one word to describe my feelings about Everwash, fantastic!”