EverWash has carved a name for itself by being the best partner in the car wash industry. For us, it’s more than just improving the performance of your membership program — it’s about providing you with the experience, the expertise, and the best practices that set you and your car wash up for success from the start.

Not only do we do our best to support car wash operators, we also pull out all the stops to support car wash attendants. Having a well-presented, and well-trained team of sales attendants is the fast path to a successful membership program and growing revenues, especially at tunnel washes.

Read on to discover some of the different and exciting ways that EverWash provides tools and resources to your staff. These tools and programs will help ensure that your membership program is a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Onsite & Digital Sales Training

EverWash’s primary goal is to set you and your sales attendants up for success right from the jump. That’s why we invest time and energy in setting up program launches, onsite visits, digital webinars, and other online resources to give your team the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. EverWash is a partner that won’t just sell you on a system, and leave you and your team to figure out the rest. We are always in your corner and happy to provide assistance and resources whenever and wherever you need it.

Check out our Sales Pitch Training Video covering the Three Golden Rules of Selling Memberships, and many more videos, on our YouTube Channel.

Sales Commissions For All Sale Attendants

We want to keep your attendants motivated to sell at all times. What is one of the best motivators? More money, of course. That’s why registered EverWash sales attendants are paid $5 for each membership they sell. These commissions are split by EverWash and the wash operator, and help keep a nice carrot dangling in front of onsite attendants at all times. Our dashboard allows you to keep track of these sales and commissions so you know exactly who your top sellers are, and who might need a little more training.

Quarterly Sales Blitzes and Additional Incentives

In addition to our standard sales commissions, EverWash sweetens the deal once per quarter with additional incentive competitions and promoted sales blitzes. Whether it’s cash bonuses, or prizes like iPads and 4K TVs, we want to keep your staff excited about selling memberships. That’s why we inform your staff of these sales blitzes ahead of time, share that quarter’s sales thresholds and prizes with them directly, and provide updates as the contest progresses.

Once the sales blitz is over, EverWash reaches out to attendants with information regarding their bonus or prize, and pays them out directly. That’s right: Quarterly sales blitzes are 100 percent funded by EverWash, so there’s no extra money coming out of your bottom line. We truly want to see your staff succeed and are happy to compensate for outstanding work and effort.

Sample Sales Blitz incentives program flyer.

WorkMarket Payment Processing

EverWash attendants are paid using WorkMarket — an ADP platform that allows for easy payment options for your employees. The WorkMarket system allows for more efficient payment, new and different payment options, and easy payment tracking using a handy mobile app. Each payout period, your attendants will receive their commissions and any additional bonuses through Workmarket. From there, they can transfer funds to their bank account, PayPal, and more.

Learn more about how WorkMarket works by visiting their website.


WashX Sales Insights

For car washes equipped with our WashX Vehicle Analytics system, we use existing security cameras to capture and report customer data that gives car wash operators and attends an in-depth look at customer behavior, and provides the insight necessary to get the most of repeat customers. For example, if a customer has been on your lot twice in the past 30 days, attendants equipped with a Smart device, like a Watch or Tablet, can receive a notification regarding the customer’s behavior. Since your attendant now knows that the customer has visited twice in the past month,

Read more about WashX at the EverWash Newsroom.

These are just a few of the ways EverWash supports sales attendants at our wash partner locations. If you want to get started with EverWash, click here to contact a member of our team today!