EverWash Co-CEO Scott Caplan recently spoke with PYMNTS regarding their acquisition of onmiX Labs and how Machine Learning (ML) can impact the car wash industry.

Using security cameras that already exist at car washes, omniX technology allows EverWash to tell the staff at an attended car wash whether a customer is here for the first time or the third time and can give the car wash operator information about operating efficiencies such as how long it takes for a car to be washed and vacuumed.

​​“Ultimately, part of our goal with omniX is essentially making the car an extension of the wallet,” Scott told PYMNTS. “We think the future is — it's really already happening — where you can pull up to a car wash or gas station and automatically the car will process the payment as you go, similar to E-ZPass.”

The article also examines how EverWash has leveraged data to improve efficiency and customer service. Using Intellgent-Timing, EverWash can determine whether a consumer prefers push notifications, in-app or text messages, when the customer tends to read them, and when it’s the best time to send them an offer.

“The app gives us so much more power to communicate to members in the right way and then to understand consumer behavior,” EverWash CRP Scott Pashley told PYMNTS in the article.

You can read the full article from PYMNTS here. Are you a car wash operator that wants to learn more about EverWash? Contact us at sales@everwash.com or visit our website to get started.