When you see someone driving a car of a certain color, what do you think of them? Are they serious or fun-loving? Do they like to go fast or play it safe? Do they prioritize elegance or cool?

Better yet, what does your car color say about yourself? Grab your keys and let's dive into the science of car colors, specifically what each type says about you and why those perceptions are formed.


The color red is associated with love, passion, and desire, as well as pure speed. The color is perfect for outgoing people who are not afraid to let everyone know what they want. Because of this, it is a natural choice for high-end sports cars and race cars. After all, as Enzo Ferrari famously put it, “Ask a child to draw a car, and certainly he will draw it red.”

Example: Ferrari 448 Pista Rosso Corsa

Red car


Like red, orange is a warm color that evokes feelings of excitement and energy, making it a great color for someone with a need for speed. Those who are usually quite creative, artistic, and original tend to choose this somewhat unusual choice. The orange paint jobs on muscle cars and McLaren sports cars famously convey this message with their eye-catching paint jobs

Example: Charger SRT Hellcat Go Mago

Orange car


A yellow car evokes cheerful optimism and a desire to be social. Like the sun shining overhead, yellow cars brighten the days of their drivers and passengers alike. Thanks to the famous yellow coats of taxi cabs and school buses worldwide, yellow cars are also associated with city life, travel, learning, and adventure.

Example: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro "Bumblebee"

Yellow car


Symbolizing growth and harmony, green is a color that represents nature. Furthermore, it evokes feelings of health, making it an ideal color for those seeking a peaceful environment. It is also associated with environmentalism, so if you are looking to be more eco-friendly, green is the color for you. Darker greens, of course, are associated with high-end British sports cars, such as Jaguar and Aston Martin.

Example: Green Volkswagen Beetle

Green car


There is nothing more calming, trusting, loyal, and reliable than the color blue. This is the color of the sky and the sea, two things that are vast, endless, and peaceful. There is a calmness about owning a blue car that translates into confidence in its owner.

Example: Blue Honda Civic

Blue car


The color pink is calming and romantic, but it also inspires confidence in those who wear it and drive in it. It can also give you the feeling of calmness, safety, and security, all things you want to feel in a car, which are all things you want.

Example: 2022 Jeep Wrangler Tuscadero

Pink car


The color black symbolizes elegance, power, sophistication, as well as authority, control, and strength. Furthermore, it implies that you and your car are both powerful, but also mysterious and sophisticated in your own way. Due to the difficulty of maintaining black cars, black car owners tend to be seen as enthusiasts.

Example: Black Cadillac Escalade

Black car

Silver / Gray / White

You might have a neutral personality if you own a silver, gray, or white car. For people who are overwhelmed by colors and want something calming, neutral colors are a good option. They can also be easily matched with other colors and, in contrast to black cars, are also among the easier vehicles to maintain and clean.

Example: Mercedes E-Class Sedan

Silver car

Bronze / Brown / Gold / Tan

It makes sense that people who like brown are usually outdoorsy since these colors are associated with the earth and natural surroundings. It is still possible to make quite an impression with these colors even though they are not very flashy or bright.

Example: 2023 Subaru CrossTrek Desert Sand

Bronze car


If you’re looking to buy a brand-new car and want to know what color says about your personality, then look no further: we’ve got all the information for you here. What do you think your car says about you? Engage with us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know today!