As a car owner, visiting a professional car wash can do wonders for your vehicle's appearance and overall maintenance. Even the smallest amount of road grime, bird droppings, or brake dust build-up over time can impact the car’s finish and wear the car’s paint down.

In order to have the smoothest experience possible at your local car wash, it's important to remember a few key things every time you visit. Whether you're a regular car wash member, investigating detailing services, or a first-time washer, the following reminders will ensure your car receives top-notch care and attention, no matter the type of car.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before heading to the car wash, take a moment to prepare your vehicle for the wash. Remove any magnets from the back bumper to avoid potential damage or loss. Lower or remove retractable antennas, which can get entangled in the car wash equipment. Close all windows tightly to prevent water from entering the cabin during the wash, and don't forget to close the sunroof if you have one! You'll be surprised at just how many folks involuntarily receive a shower with their car wash.

car antenna

Choose the Right Car Wash Type

There are various car wash options available, such as a touchless basic wash, undercarriage wash, or automatic car wash. Select the one that suits your car's needs and your preferences. The best car washes should use eco-friendly car cleaning products and wash solutions, not only to maintain your car’s finish but to help reduce pollution and contaminants entering the runoff system.

Keep Your Hands off the Steering Wheel

Once you've entered the car wash, keeping your hands off the steering wheel is essential. Let the automated car cleaning system guide your vehicle through the wash tunnel. Touching the steering wheel can disrupt the car's alignment and potentially damage the equipment.

steering wheel

Keep the Vehicle in Neutral

As you enter the car wash, shift your vehicle into neutral gear (N) and follow any instructions provided by the car wash attendant. This allows the conveyor system to smoothly move your car through the wash tunnel without any issues. Avoid shifting gears or engaging the parking brake, as it may cause damage to your car and the car wash equipment.

neutral gear

Stay Off of the Brakes

During the car wash, resisting the temptation of hitting the brakes is essential. The automated system is designed to maneuver your vehicle safely, and sudden braking can disrupt the process, potentially causing damage to your vehicle or the equipment. Trust the system and let it do its job.

brake pedal

Follow Post-Wash Recommendations

After exiting the car wash, consider taking a few extra steps to ensure a pristine finish. While professional car washes do an excellent job, some spots may require additional attention. Bring your own microfiber towels or other cleaning supplies to wipe away any remaining water spots or stubborn residue. This extra care will help you achieve a showroom-worthy shine.

car towell

Visiting a good car wash should be a convenient and stress-free experience. By following these simple reminders, you can ensure that you receive the best car care possible, leaving it sparkling clean and well-maintained. These small actions will go a long way in ensuring a successful car wash visit.

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