Our new look and feel launches today — June 8th, 2021 — and we’re super excited to share it with you all!

EverWash is pleased to unveil a rebrand to our visual identity that reflects our deep dedication to our members, car washing partners, and the happy feeling that a clean car provides everyone. Check it out below!

EverWash Logo Horizontal

The new EverWash logo and color palette is an evolution of our previous branding, with a look and feel that embodies EverWash’s genuine care for their members’ cars, and the heartwarming feeling that a clean car projects. The new branding assets were developed in partnership with Dear Future, a New York-based marketing and design agency that has worked with brands like Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

EverWash Billboard

“EverWash’s vision is to become the most trusted and most innovative company in car washing,” said Scott Caplan, President and Co-Founder of EverWash. “Our mission of ‘Happy Washing’ is to create the best possible experience for our members and car wash partners. This rebrand is not just an exterior wash to our old look — we have taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our mobile app, customer services, and technology, while continually striving to provide the best quality service to all of our current and future members.”

EverWash brand color palette

In addition to our new logo, colors, and corporate message of “That’s Happy Washing”, EverWash has also rolled out an updated app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play today! Your app will work just the same after the update, but feature our new logo and colors.

New EverWash social media post concept

“Our new logo and branding really embodies the ‘Happy Washing’ experience we believe is at the core of EverWash’s service,” said Max Pulcini, EverWash’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “By going with a sleek, modern logo, we are positioning ourselves as a tech company more so than a car wash brand. The added personification of the car icon with our signature “Happy Washing” smiles echoes the smiling faces and positive car washing experiences of our members and wash partners alike.”

EverWash Happy Washing

We hope you like our new look and feel, and that it makes you smile just like a freshly cleaned car does. Be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more EverWash news!