cott Pashley, EverWash’s Chief Revenue Officer, recently sat down with David Begin of the International Carwash Association to discuss EverWash’s origins in the fitness industry, and the financial benefits of membership and recurring revenue. They also covered the company’s new emphasis on big data and how to leverage that data without leaving customers feeling uneasy.

“Four years ago, membership was beginning to be something in the car wash industry,” Pashley tells Begin. “But we saw it in a place where it was going to be the thing, and maybe the biggest growth in the car wash industry was going to come from that avenue. And we had membership expertise, we just had to learn what the heck car washing was all about.”

Use the player below to listen to the conversation, and learn more about EverWash’s history and philosophy on membership. Other topics discussed include the importance of staffing pay stations at tunnel operations, and the potential for membership models in in-bay automatic washes.CAR WASH The Podcast is a weekly program from the ICA that tells stories and provides business insights from the experts in and out of the car wash industry. Co-hosts David Begin and Matt DeWolf bring on a different guest each week for an interview that touches a number of different topics each episode.

Directed toward investors, owners, operators and managers alike, the podcast is a free on-demand audio program that provides information on the latest trends impacting the industry, tips from successful industry leaders, and inspiration for listeners.

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