Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson recently spoke with Max Pulcini, Director of Marketing & Communications at EverWash and Kevin Wang, SVP Product at Braze, to learn more about how the two companies have worked together to nurture customer loyalty in a historically undisrupted market.

You can watch the entire interview below or on Loyalty360's website:

EverWash's use of Braze has garnered a lot of attention lately. Canvas Flow is an enhancement to Canvas, Braze’s proprietary, no-code visual development tool, and includes three new features — an updated and intuitive user interface, advanced real-time orchestration and personalization features, and enhanced experimentation and versioning capabilities.

"Armed with better tools and data, we were able to engage with users in more meaningful ways to help increase the lifecycle and value of our subscriptions," said Max Pulcini, Director of Marketing and Communications at EverWash. "Our membership lifespan is up by an average of one month, our monthly recurring revenue is up 30.3 percent, and 30-member retention is up 7 percent."

Learn more about how EverWash leverages Braze Canvas Flow to strategically customize messaging and drive a 37% conversion rate for members throughout their journey. Be sure to check out our Newsroom and Blog for more news and updates from EverWash.