EverWash's journey to create a more valuable member onboarding experience was recently the subject of a case study by Braze, a customer engagement platform businesses use for multichannel marketing. The case study describes how EverWash leveraged Braze and Braze Alloys solutions partner Ragnarok to strategically customize messaging and drive a 37% conversion rate on key communications.

By using multichannel marketing and Braze's signature Canvas Flow product, EverWash has:

  • Set up push notifications, developed an SMS strategy, and created dynamic customer journeys via Braze Canvas Flow
  • Employed Braze's Intelligent Timing send-time optimization feature to deliver messages to each user when that particular individual is most likely to engage.
  • Leveraged Liquid personalization in 91% of their campaigns, allowing further customization based on what EverWash knows about each user.

“Canvas Flow is like a video game. All I want to do is be inside Braze all day," said Nash Goudie, EverWash's Digital Marketing & Communications Manager.

Ultimately, the Case Study offers two key takeaways:

  • As a company scales, so must its marketing solutions. EverWash realized their in-house technology wasn’t going to support their growth, which led them to broaden their messaging horizons with the help of Braze tools.
  • Keeping in touch from the get-go to create a user habit is critical to the success of a subscription-based service. No matter how valuable a subscription may be, customers won’t be motivated to maintain it if they don't remember to use it.

To learn more about how EverWash uses Braze to create personalized journeys for members, check out EverWash Director of Marketing Max Pulcini's recent interview on Loyalty360. Be sure to check out our Newsroom and Blog for more news and updates from EverWash.