EverWash's VP of Partner Sucess Sean Pashley invites car wash attendants from across the country to join him for a free Advance Sales tactics webinar each month. In this month's video, Pashley covers the mindset of car wash customers and provides instruction on how to best understand a customer's needs to deliver a more successful sales pitch.

Check out the full video below. These tidbits of business psychology can be applied to numerous other sales roles and jobs across many industries:

EverWash's monthly “Advanced Sales Tactics” class focuses on advanced and proven sales concepts, presented by unique and skilled guests. With new material presented in each webinar, this is a can’t-miss hour that you can benefit from every month. Classes are offered free to all sales attendants working at EverWash-powered car wash locations.

Contact your account manager for more information on how to get your attendants involved. Not an EverWash Partner yet? Reach out to sales@everwash.com to get started.