For many car enthusiasts, the passion for cars extends beyond the physical realm into the digital highways of video games. Racing games have been a staple of the video game industry, capturing the thrill of the chase, the roar of engines, and the sleek designs of real-life cars.

In this blog post, we'll take a tour through the history of racing video games. Whether you're waiting for your car at the wash or just looking for a quick adrenaline rush, there's a racing game waiting to take you on a high-speed adventure.

The Starting Line: Early Racing Games

The journey begins in the 1980s with classics like "Outrun," a game that wasn't just about racing but also about the experience of driving. "Outrun" allowed players to cruise in a Ferrari Testarossa Spider, complete with a soundtrack that matched the feel of an open-road adventure. It set the stage for future racing games by emphasizing not just speed, but style and atmosphere.

The Need for Speed: Evolution of Racing Games

As technology advanced, so did racing games, with titles like "Need for Speed" (NFS) taking the lead. NFS became synonymous with street racing culture, offering players a garage of real-world cars to customize, race, and evade the police. The series has evolved over the years, with entries like "Need for Speed: Underground" focusing on tuner culture and "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" offering intense police chases, each game bringing something new to the racing table.

Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator

"Gran Turismo" took a different route, aiming for realism and precision. Known as "The Real Driving Simulator," this series provided car lovers with an exhaustive list of vehicles, from everyday rides to exotic supercars, all rendered in meticulous detail. "Gran Turismo" wasn't just a game; it was a deep dive into car culture, offering a digital platform for enthusiasts to experience cars they might never get to drive in real life.

Mobile and Handheld Games: Racing on the Go

For those moments at the car wash or on the move, mobile and handheld games offer a quick racing fix. Titles like "Asphalt 9: Legends" bring console-quality graphics and a selection of real-world cars to smartphones, offering a blend of arcade-style gameplay with stunning visuals. For handheld console fans, games like "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" on the Nintendo Switch provide a fun, competitive racing experience with familiar characters and imaginative tracks.

The Impact of Racing Games on Car Culture

Racing games have done more than just entertain; they've influenced car culture itself. They serve as a virtual test drive, a way to experience the thrill of high-speed racing and the beauty of automotive design without leaving home. For members of the EverWash community, these games offer a digital extension of their passion for cars, allowing them to explore, customize, and race their dream cars in a variety of settings.


As the worlds of real-life cars and video games continue to intersect, the bond between car enthusiasts and gamers grows stronger. Whether it's the nostalgia of "Outrun," the street racing thrills of "Need for Speed," or the realistic immersion of "Gran Turismo," there's a racing game for every type of car lover. And for those moments of waiting at the car wash or during a commute, mobile and handheld games provide the perfect pit stop for racing fun.

At EverWash, we understand the joy that clean cars and the open road bring to our members. Just like the perfect racing game, our unlimited car wash plans offer freedom, convenience, and satisfaction, ensuring that your ride is always ready for the next adventure, both on and off the digital track.