PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 8, 2024: EverWash, a leader in membership-based car wash solutions, is excited to announce its acquisition of Coinless, a mobile payment solutions provider in the car wash industry. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in EverWash's mission to enhance the efficiency and reach of its services, particularly by developing in-house hardware solutions that cater to a wider variety of wash types, including In-Bay Automatic and Self-Serve car washes.

Scott Caplan, CEO and Co-Founder of EverWash, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "Integrating Coinless’s hardware and technology with EverWash's capabilities allows us to offer a seamless membership onboarding and operational experience for all types of car washes. This move strategically positions EverWash to better support our partners and expand our market reach, ensuring that every car wash can Excel at Membership."

Jared Richards, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinless, also shared his perspective, noting, "Coinless was founded with the vision of enhancing the ease and accessibility of car wash services through innovative technology. As we merge with EverWash, our technology will reach more operators and customers, seamlessly integrating with EverWash's membership solution. This collaboration is not just about growth but about setting new standards of convenience and efficiency in the car wash industry.

The acquisition promises a future where current Coinless customers will continue to receive uninterrupted service, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent experience. Additionally, this partnership will enable EverWash to further enhance its end-to-end solution for managing customer interactions and delivering a seamless membership experience for wash partners and members alike.

EverWash invites all interested parties, including current Coinless customers, to visit their booth at The Car Wash Show in Nashville, Tennessee, Booth #832, for more information about what this new partnership entails.

About EverWash:

EverWash is the industry’s fastest-growing car wash network, with more than 1000 participating locations across the United States. EverWash’s team of membership experts provides ongoing sales, marketing, and customer support to partner washes, helping them Excel at Membership. Meanwhile, the EverWash App allows customers to sign-up for and manage their membership anytime and anywhere. Learn more by visiting

About Coinless:

Coinless provides a mobile app solution that enables car wash customers to pay for services without the need for cash, streamlining operations and enhancing customer convenience across various car wash settings.