EverWash set the standard for car wash “smart marketing” through advanced technology like that used in WashX. Now, we take a quantum leap forward with the introduction of OptSpot intelligent text messaging (SMS) – our free “smart marketing” tool that is exclusively available for free to EverWash partners.

OptSpot allows wash operators to automate their marketing efforts with text messaging that efficiently and effectively converts more single wash customers into members. Through intelligently delivered “drip campaigns,” customers are more aware of your membership offerings programs, more likely to visit your wash, and are more likely to enroll in your membership program!

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The OptSpot platform allows wash operators to automate marketing efforts with text messaging that works. With intelligently delivered drip campaigns, OptSpot encourages customers to wash more often and provides them an easy path to your membership offerings and registration.

Working with OptSpot’s marketing team and the car wash operator, EverWash crafts a customized SMS campaign.

For example, by offering customers who enroll in your wash’s new “Text Club” a free wash on their next visit in exchange for their phone number, a wash unlocks countless opportunities to engage with the customer and directly promote membership offerings.

A second example: by offering a free wash within a few days of the customer’s visit, frequent washing can become habit-forming. After the free wash is redeemed, OptSpot triggers weekly membership promotional messages meant to convert customers into monthly-paying members.

Max Pulcini, EverWash’s Director of Marketing, summed up the value of OptSpot for car wash owners: “Wash owners can now rely on an EverWash OptSpot implementation to keep their businesses in front of new customers and in touch with current customers better than any other membership solution in the car wash industry.”

He adds: “SMS works! Studies show that 98% of texts are read! Exchanging a FREE wash for a mobile phone number makes it easy to stay in touch with a customer. With a broad base of OptSpot car wash customers across the country, we know what it takes to move the unlimited membership needle.”

To kick start an OptSpot program, EverWash will design and order onsite promotional signage. EverWash marketing experts will also discuss options to promote the Text Club on social media, in print, or at other brick and mortar locations around town.

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To see for yourself how OptSpot messaging data can benefit your wash, contact us at sales@everwash.com. Or, call us at (855) 492-7477 for immediate attention. For more information, visit MoreWashProfits.com/HappyWashing.