WashX, just launched by EverWash, is a car wash industry first! This cutting-edge vehicle analytics tool promises to deliver both more members and more revenue!

By capturing actionable marketing data from each vehicle license plate, car wash operators gain heretofore unavailable customer behavioral intelligence that can help them win more repeat business, target new customer segments, and grow membership.

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Using existing wash security cameras, WashX captures such information as car count, unique customer revisits, curb-to- curb duration, revenue per labor hour, profit center usage, and more. This information directly leads to more members and more revenue.

Notes EverWash Chief Revenue Officer Scott Pashley, “With WashX, we are able to provide our car wash owners a whole new level of customer insight that will allow wash operators to quantify other key operational metrics that wash operators never had access to before.”

“In addition to growing membership, revenues and profits, our EverWash technology offers insight into future demand, allows wash owners to control payroll, improves resource utilization, deepens market penetration, and helps prevent loss and fraud.”

Adds Richard DeGennaro, “Understanding each unique customer, and then having the right pitch prepared for each customer, is the biggest game-changer that owners will experience with WashX.”

“When a sales pitch can be tailored to each customer based on how often they visit the wash, it becomes more than just a sales pitch: It’s a conversation that gives them a feeling of belonging to your wash family, and this makes their decision to join so much easier. It also makes things quick and easy for your team, by leading to more successful conversions and more earned commissions.”

To see for yourself how WashX data can benefit your wash, contact us at sales@everwash.com. Or, call us at (855) 492-7477 for immediate attention. For more information, visit MoreWashProfits.com/HappyWashing.