EverWash Awards Network Will Engage & Reward Top-Selling Members of Your Team

EverWash is pleased to roll out its new EverWash Awards Network — a whole new way to engage and reward your attendants and salespeople for adding new members!

The EverWash Awards Network is an additional program to our commission structure. Even better, it’s paid 100% by EverWash — zero cost to owners or attendants*†.

Here are the exciting details:

• Just like our previous contests, you must hit the first level (30 memberships sold in one month) to qualify, and when you reach subsequent levels you will ultimately receive that prize. The prizes are not cumulative, you only earn the prize for the highest tier or goal reached.

• These contests will be for ONE calendar month, unless otherwise specified by EverWash.

• Membership sales from one month will not carry over to the next calendar month, unless otherwise specified by EverWash.

• Reward Dollars will be paid out usually within two weeks after the end of a contest, not sooner.

• Reward Dollars carry over and can be saved for larger prizes, and they do not expire until 2 weeks after an employee separates from their respective car wash employer.

• New attendants/salespeople will receive their invitation within 30 days from their first sale on the EverWash app. Currently, attendants/salespeople receive 5 Reward Dollars upon logging in and completing their Awards Network signup.

• Attendants/salespeople simply select any prize up to the amount of their Reward Dollars to purchase. They pay no shipping or handling.

Current MONTHLY contest goals and corresponding Reward Dollars:

30 Memberships Sold = 75 Reward Dollars
50 Memberships Sold = 125 Reward Dollars
75 Memberships Sold = 200 Reward Dollars
100 Memberships Sold = 275 Reward Dollars
125 Memberships Sold = 325 Reward Dollars
150 Memberships Sold = 375 Reward Dollars

Reward Dollars can be earned in several other ways, including:

  • Attending Training Webinars/Seminars when available.
  • Car wash locations hitting thresholds such as 1,000 members.
  • In-person contests or “Way to Go!” gift cards presented by EverWash staff only.
  • More ways to come!

There will be more regular contests, likely every month! All of this information will soon be found in the FAQ’s section of the EverWash’s Awards Network Page.

* Contests are conducted at the sole discretion of EverWash. The tier/level goals and rewards are subject to change at the sole discretion of EverWash. EverWash deserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. EverWash may exclude attendants/salespeople individually or as a group for any reason at any time.

* EverWash reserves the right to alter or discontinue incentives/rewards at any time. †Reward Dollars can be reclaimed by EverWash at any time should we deem there to any fraudulent, manipulative, or dishonest practices involved in their winning.

* EverWash may, at their discretion, offer Reward Dollars of any denomination they choose for attendants/salespeople attending national webinars/seminars, when a wash hits a specific total member count, or for any other reasons. The attendant/salesperson must be active and stay for the entire presentation.

† There will be no RETROACTIVE points applied for any contests, goals, et cetera prior to 09/01/2021.

*All washes outside of the contiguous US will receive a separate catalog.

*†Reward Dollars have no cash value.