Detroit, MI (September 14, 2022) — today announced that it will be showcasing its revolutionary OnMyWay™ Mobile Retail Network™ with demos of the in-vehicle BurgerFi, Choice Market, and Everwash experience in the Plug and Play Pavilion at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, September 14-15, 2022. The OnMyWay™ in-car retail and commerce solution brings easy, low-distraction curated shopping to the dashboard of consumers’ favorite connected cars by facilitating hands-free or dashboard ordering and payment, and then coordinating all logistics for a seamless curbside experience. For retailers and service providers, MAVI’s in-car marketplace drives new customer acquisition through this new channel, ensuring retailers and service providers can meet their on-the-go customers’ needs for immediacy and convenience to increase customer loyalty and sales. All Mobile Retail Network partners, including leading restaurants, convenience stores, grocers, and more will be announced in October, and the technology will be available in vehicles equipped with HARMAN Ignite, the leading connected driving platform in the market, beginning in 2023.

The MAVI OnMyWay™ in-vehicle solution facilitates convenient commerce in any Connected Car capable of processing payments, by connecting the car’s interface and data to MAVI’s Mobile Retail Network™, a marketplace of leading “Pickup and Curbside-Excellent” restaurants, convenience and grocery stores and more, while taking into account real-time inventory as well as the driver’s location, route, destination, order and payment preferences, and loyalty program memberships. Drivers can use MAVI to request that their connected cars recommend, order, pay for and coordinate pickup of coffee, meals, groceries, phone chargers, flowers, personal care products and many other items, in addition to coordinating with service providers like car washes and parking garages, so they can make fewer trips and get what they need whenever and wherever they’re driving.

BurgerFi, known for their pioneering, tech-forward approach in the fast casual space, is MAVI’s first in car OnMyWay partner and key restaurant innovation partner. MAVI is also partnering with omnichannel pioneer Choice Market, a Denver-based convenience retailer offering high-quality prepared food, natural groceries and everyday necessities, and carwash subscription innovator Everwash, one of the fastest-growing companies in the US with more than 800 locations, to offer a wide range of convenient, instantly-locatable items and services to drivers via OnMyWay.

"We are very excited to have our OnMyWay™ retail solution recognized by Plug and Play Tech Mobility Center in Detroit, and are honored to be showcasing this new channel of commerce and our retail innovation partners BurgerFi, Choice Market, and Everwash at the Detroit auto show,“ said Cynthia Hollen, CEO and co-founder, ”Drivers love the convenience of curbside pickup and they want to be able to shop more safely and efficiently from their cars to make the most of each trip. By facilitating instant in-car commerce, MAVI provides consumers with a more sustainable way to shop, whether it’s for something they need en route, something they’ll need when they arrive at their destination, or groceries or a pizza to take home for dinner. OnMyWay™ helps people experience more efficient, productive drives.”

“BurgerFi is thrilled to extend our friendly atmosphere and customer experience into our guests’ cars via MAVI’s OnMyWay™ in-car commerce solution. We look forward to continuing to provide our chef created, fresh food curbside via OnMyWay™,” said Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer, BurgerFi.

“Choice is excited to partner with MAVI to offer this innovative solution for ordering ahead while on the road. Customers will now be able to use their voice to order high-quality groceries and fresh meals, which will be delivered to their vehicle as they fuel up or charge at one of our supercharging stations. This new channel aligns perfectly with our goal of reinventing convenience,” said Mike Fogarty, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Choice Market.

"We are excited about our collaboration with MAVI, as it aligns with our continued strategy of driving more customers and members to neighborhood car washes, and creating more delightful everyday experiences," said Scott Pashley, Chief Revenue Officer, EverWash.

MAVI is showcasing the revolutionary OnMyWay™ Mobile Retail Network™ with demos of the BurgerFi, Choice Markets, and Everwash in-vehicle experience (including BurgerFi ice cream, courtesy of BurgerFi’s Northville, Michigan location!) in the Plug and Play Pavilion at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (Booth #S401 in Hall B), September 14-15, 2022.


Founded in 2021, is the maker of MAVI, the in-car retail marketplace powering OnMyWayTM commerce in consumers’ favorite connected cars. MAVI ensures that in-car shopping is safe, easy, fast  and reliable by orchestrating recommendations, ordering, payment, confirmation and timely curbside  pickup for on-the-go consumers, and the company is a member of Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance  (COVESA). The OnMyWay platform connects drivers with a curated selection of retailers, eateries, CPG  companies, service providers and others, safely bringing the point of sale to the dashboard of vehicles in  order to support conversion, convenience, new customer acquisition and loyalty for companies through  a single integration.