New York investment firm Spring Mountain Capital led the round. The funding adds on to $5 million in debt raised by EverWash in September.

Launched in 2016, EverWash said it will use the fresh funding to continue to scale the business, expand marketing and grow its Philadelphia team.

EverWash looks to grow to its EverWash Direct program aWith EverWash Direct, which launched in September, the company uses marketing and other services to attract new customers to a given car wash that already has a membership program.

The company plans to bring onboard another 300 locations on its EverWash Total Membership Lifecycle program — its subscription model fully managed by EverWash.

EverWash is also putting some of the money toward advancing their analytics and machine learning which it hopes will continue to attract new customers. The company acquired vehicle analytics company Omnix Labs in November in order to gather more data on cars and help its car wash partners improve car care.

EverWash’s growth was enough to land it at No. 45 on Andressen Horowitz’ Marketplace 100, the highest-ranked Philadelphia-area company on the list.