PHILADELPHIA, PA. — EverWash, the nation’s leading car wash membership platform, is excited to announce a new spin-off app — EverSlice! EverSlice will be the nation's first pizza membership platform and app.

"We've had great interest in breaking into the food industry since we crashed a Pizza and Pasta Convention a few years ago in Atlantic City," said EverWash CEO Scott Caplan. "We're excited to venture into a new vertical, especially one as fulfilling as pizza. Well, maybe not fulfilling, but definitely filling!"


The EverSlice app allows users to choose a local pizza place and receive one slice of pizza per day. The member simply shows the cashier the QR code to scan, and leaves with a fresh, hot slice of pizza. Up to one slice can be redeemed per day, with the option of adding additional daily slices within the app — perfect for families or very hungry people!

Plain packages start at $14.99 per month (averaging 50 cents per slice, beating the golden standard of one dollar slices), and upgrades are available for toppings, soft drinks, and sides. As of now, EverSlice only partners with restaurants that offer pizza by the slice, but we hope to add full-pie plans in the near future.

EverSlice is launching on April 1, 2023, and is totally, definitely not a joke. This is a 100 percent legitimate business venture, and NOT an April Fools joke.

Okay, just kidding. Happy April Fools!