EverWash White Paper

EverWash Car Club, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a mobile-powered Membership Sales & Subscription Management Platform to the car wash industry. The company develops, markets and operates the EverWash mobile application, which allows consumers with smart phones to buy a monthly car wash membership for their car. For one low monthly fee EverWash Car Club members are granted unlimited use of their chosen car wash simply by using the smart phone generated one-time-use-code at the pay station, or by showing the QR code generated by the EverWash app to the car wash attendant with each visit.

An Important Message to
Car Wash Operators

The days of washing cars for anonymous customers and then trusting (or hoping!) they will return soon for another wash are fading. In fact, many car wash operators are surprised to learn that the typical U.S. car wash consumer gets their car washed an average of only 2.1 times per year. To be successful in today’s e-commerce driven economy, car wash operators must think in new ways. Traditional approaches to running a car wash business no longer ensure prosperity. According to Forbes magazine, the four main reasons small businesses do not succeed are:

  • Failure to understand customers and their buying habits
  • Failure to price product or service correctly
  • The belief that owners can do everything themselves
  • Owners’ unwillingness to hire an expert

To grow any business, chief industry leaders understand the importance of first recognizing areas where advances can be made. To that end, leading car wash operators have identified that the car wash industry, for the most part:

  • Is not aligned with the buying and referral behaviors of today’s smart phone-empowered consumer.
  • Lacks the general ability to communicate with and nurture customers to keep them connected and loyal to their car wash brand
  • Does not know who their customers are due to lack of customer profile data and usage history.
  • Is largely disconnected with the modern-day consumer’s need for personalized service, better value and added convenience gained through smart phone applications.

Since the advent of mobile commerce, there has been a major shift in balance of power to the consumer.

Customers now use their smart phones and social media to find and refer products and services that offer the value and convenience they expect from today’s on-demand, subscription-driven economy.

And businesses that don’t provide that value or don’t engage in mobile-commerce and social media will fade from view.

To be successful, the car wash industry must drive their business utilizing proven e-commerce trends that focus on:

  • Deeper customer relationships versus one-time wash transactions
  • Robust mobile-enabled shopping, buying and customer service capabilities
  • Dynamic, value-based monthly pricing versus fixed, payper-service pricing
  • Inspiring social media & outreach marketing campaigns
  • Predictable, forward-looking monthly recurring revenue versus backwards-looking financial reporting

Is there a better way?

Indeed there is a better way for car wash operators to gain more customers and generate more predictable and sustainable revenues. One that utilizes best retail practices to cultivate long-term customer relationships, create more customer value and generate up to 100% more car wash revenue from otherwise infrequent car wash consumers.

EverWash logo

That better way is EverWash!

Through the EverWash Memberships Sales & Management Platform. EverWash represents a radically different way to do business. Instead of focusing on washing cars with anonymous recipients, EverWash focuses on customers... Communicating with those customers, retaining those customers, and then monetizing that relationship by turning ordinary customers into more valuable members.

And instead of being about pay-per-wash, single, discrete sales, EverWash delivers the convenience, mobileoptimized customer service and on-demand, subscriptionbased value that consumers seek.

The EverWash business model is

Smart phone users (modern-day car wash customers) sign-up for unlimited car wash use to any participating car wash using the EverWash mobile application and EverWash pays car wash operators each month.

These monthly car wash members generate a predictable and sizable revenue stream that car wash operators can and should build their business around. Rather than having to start each day at zero and having to chase each dollar, the EverWash Membership Sales & Subscription Management Platform helps car wash operates generate upwards of $20K to $70K each month in recurring revenue regardless of customer usage... rain or shine.

Everwash was founded on a simple but powerful notion:

Monthly-recurring-revenue-producing Members, not pay-as-you-go Customers, hold the key to increased profits & lasting customer satisfaction.

But, in order to successfully generate $250,000.00 to $800,000.00 in additional annual revenues, it’s fundamentally essential to use a properly implemented and expertly managed Monthly-Recurring-Revenue Membership Sales & Marketing Platform, like EverWash Car Club.

EverWash is the only cloud-based, membership sales & subscription management solution with the means and mobile-power to seamlessly and effortlessly convert ordinary, occasional-use customers into more profitable monthly recurring revenue members. And the only mobile application that is both robust and scalable enough to meet the everincreasing demands of todays mobile-empowered, educated consumer.

Going Beyond

To meet the needs of today’s car wash businesses, EverWash looked beyond coupon books and weekly wash visits to how its’ member enrollment, billing and membership management platform can meet unrelenting customer demands while maintaining higher recurring revenues and increased profit margins for car wash operators.

EverWash goes beyond a basic POS billing system to managing every aspect of the sales & marketing process over the lifetime of the customer relationship, including:

  • Grass-roots and social media outreach marketing to spread the word to consumers and help car washes gain more customers
  • Mobile enrollment capabilities that give consumers the flexibility and convenience they require to easily and securely sign-up and manage their car wash membership
  • Email & push notification campaigns that keep customers connected to the car wash
  • Mobile powered referral and loyalty programs that keep customers engaged and rewarded for inviting friends and family to a better, more convenient and value-driven way to get their cars washed
  • Billing & collections that keep customers and car wash operators worry-free
  • Recurring monthly payments sent directly to car wash operators, keeping them delighted with EverWash Car Club.

The EverWash application gives its’ vast community of mobile phone users the unique, simple and personalized ability to find, purchase and manage their monthly car wash membership anytime and from anywhere, safely and securely, via their smart phone.

The result? New and improved car wash offerings, more customers, higher revenues per customer, more frequent incremental sales, fewer missed opportunities, improved customer service, and increased satisfaction that all support revenue growth and maximize customer lifetime value.

Iphone with EverWash App sign up screen

The bottom line is that EverWash helps convert ordinary customers into more profitable members when other, less comprehensive, and less results-driven monthly billing/POS systems can’t.

And, EverWash uses the latest Cloud-based technologies, allowing EverWash to work seamlessly right along side any POS system and requires no hardware, software or set-up of any kind.

Once EverWash gets their Partner Washes up and running, EverWash becomes a true sales, marketing and membership management partner so car wash operators get the most out of the EverWash memberships sales & management platform.

And EverWash is strictly pay-for-performance; meaning Partner Washes only pay commission based solely on new and additional revenues generated from EverWash app users. That means EverWash shares a common, deeply aligned goal with its car wash partners: to grow car wash revenue through increased monthly membership sales and to have members around for a long time.

The car wash industry’s confidence in EverWash goes beyond delivering the most powerful cloud-based membership enrollment, billing and payment platform. It goes to who EverWash Car Club is as a company. EverWash is lead by a team of proven innovators and industry leaders who are the same folks who founded GlobalFit, the nations largest provider of employees health & wellness services that pioneered online sales and marketing of monthly memberships within the health & fitness industry back in 1992.

EverWash works alongside the most successful and most demanding car wash operators around, freely sharing knowhow and what the EverWash team has learnead about the subscription economy over the past 25 years. EverWash offers its car wash partners smart, straightforward and practical advice so the right solution can start working right away.

Leading car wash operators work with and love EverWash Car Club’s recurring revenue model because they can increase their customer base and accelerate predictable growth. As the only subscription management platform to combine mobile membership-enrollment technologies with direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns and social media initiatives, Partner Washes are rewarded with increased customer satisfaction, more wash volume, larger profits & higher valuations.

With EverWash, car washes can offer up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on relevant product usage. As customers change wash plans, EverWash makes it easy to keep their information current across all relevant systems. Personalized customer experiences translate into higher customer satisfaction and more frequent incremental sales.

EverWash Car Club enables agile billing so a wider array of monetization models, pricing, and car wash packaging plans can be quickly brought to market. EverWash helps manage the customer relationship experiences that matter, so car wash operators can more effectively engage with their customers and provide the best car wash service available.

Whether customers engage through its website, self-service mobile app, or its sales & support organization, EverWash ensures that customer data is up to date and current. For instance, EverWash Support Representatives have access to a customer’s complete profile to understand usage, purchase and upgrade history, and will have the ability to review billing, usage and referral history and to answer all questions to appease the customer and encourage repeat business and referrals.

Through years of subscription management experience, the EverWash executive team has developed a unique viewpoint on monthly recurring revenue. To succeed, more than basic billing is required. A subscription management platform that flexibly manages recurring revenue business is needed to take advantage of the bigger opportunity: customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV has become the mantra for innovative businesses looking to increase customer loyalty and drive growth.

Customer Lifetime Value is defined as the net present value of the future cash flows from customers. But it’s more than a mathematical equation. It’s where customer loyalty translates into profit and it’s becoming the litmus test for performance and success. EverWash Car Club helps its car wash partners ace that litmus test by significantly improving customer lifetime value and substantially increasing bottom line profits.

Who are we?

EverWash was founded by a group of car wash visionaries consisting of successful third-generation car wash operators, subscription-management & membershipenrollment pioneers, accomplished iOS and Android app developers, and proven outreach sales & marketing specialists. Seizing the opportunity to revolutionize the way car washes and their customers do business, the EverWash team brings game-changing mobile technologies, Monthly Recurring Revenue innovation and proven consumer outreach initiatives to the car wash industry.

Simply put, through its mobile-powered, membership-based platform EverWash helps leading carwash operators:

  • Attract and keep more customers
  • Increase Revenue per Customer
  • Improve overall profitability.

How do we do it?

We use local, social & mobile outreach marketing, along with our mobile-powered membership enrollment, billing & payment platform, (an app) to market, sell and manage high-value, high-profit subscription-based monthly wash memberships to a local network of premium car washes.

Effectively, we buy high-volume, low variable-cost inventory (carwash services) from a wide variety of car wash providers and sell these car wash services to consumers in a subscription bundle using outreach marketing and our proprietary mobile technologies; resulting in enhanced product value, improved customer satisfaction and increased profits for our car wash partners.

Our subscription-based, mobile-powered Customer Onboarding & Relationship Management Application includes membership enrollment, customer loyalty, billing and quick-pay capabilities. The EverWash Car Club mobile-powered membership platform was designed specifically to help the car wash industry attract, delight and keep more loyal customers in the subscription economy; creating higher customer satisfaction and increased car wash revenues.

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