Consumers increasingly prefer to pay with credit and debit cards in lieu of cash and the trend is not going away. As a matter of fact, many of our wash partners have reached out to us and are contemplating going entirely “cashless”. Several have already taken the plunge and stopped accepting paper currency and coins all together.

EverWash's app-based solution is naturally cashless. The contactless approach to receiving a car wash has been especially beneficial in making car wash members comfortable washing their cars throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

CryptoPay, an EverWash partner, and leader in the self-serve and In-Bay Automatic car wash space, has developed CryptoTap.

CryptoTap, “Tap and Pay”, is a contactless reader that allows you to use contactless credit and debit cards. CryptoTap also works with mobile payment including Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.

CryptoTap provides a clean no touch interface. Customers, car wash owners, and attendants are not handling cash, or quarters. CryptoTap is not dependent on cash, quarters, or tokens.

Consistently delivering a wash experience is more than just the product and equipment. It's about valuing your customer's time and exceeding expectations, going beyond meeting their needs. EverWash is working closely with CryptoPay to get car washes up and running with a successful membership program. But most importantly, the partnership between CryptoPay and EverWash is creating a positive experience for customers and car wash owners alike.

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