Memorial Day isn't just a time to honor those who have served; it's also the unofficial start of summer. For car wash operators, it presents a unique opportunity to kickstart the season on a high note, especially considering the summer can often be a slower period for the industry.

At EverWash, we understand the importance of capitalizing on this holiday to increase volume, drive new traffic, and boost membership sales. Here are some strategies to make your car wash the go-to spot this Memorial Day weekend and beyond.

Launch a Membership Drive with Attractive Incentives

One of the most effective strategies to secure steady revenue during the slower summer months is through a robust membership program. This Memorial Day, consider an aggressive membership push. Offering irresistible deals like $1 for the first month of membership or free wash weekends can be a game-changer. These promotions not only entice new customers but also provide an immediate boost in traffic and the potential for long-term customer retention.

Utilize Digital Marketing to Spread the Word

Utilize social media platforms, email newsletters, and your website to inform potential customers about your Memorial Day promotions. Highlight the benefits of your membership program, such as unlimited washes at a fraction of the pay-per-wash price and the convenience of month-to-month memberships with no long-term commitments. Use targeted ads to reach local audiences and consider partnering with local influencers or community pages to widen your reach.

Host a Memorial Day Event

Create a buzz by hosting an event at your car wash. This could be a barbecue, a local artist's performance, or a community charity wash, where a portion of the day's proceeds goes to a veterans' charity. Such events not only draw in crowds but also strengthen your business's community ties. Offer special one-day discounts or membership sign-up deals to attendees to capitalize on the increased foot traffic.

Offer Exclusive Deals for Veterans and Active Military

In the spirit of Memorial Day, offering exclusive promotions for veterans and active military personnel can set your car wash apart. This gesture not only honors their service but can also encourage their friends and family to choose your car wash. These promotions can be as simple as a free wash on Memorial Day or a discount on membership plans.

Focus on Customer Experience

Lastly, but most importantly, ensure that every customer who visits your car wash this Memorial Day leaves satisfied. A positive experience can turn a first-time customer into a loyal member. From the quality of the wash to the friendliness of the staff, every aspect of your service matters. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews online, further boosting your car wash's reputation.


Memorial Day is more than just a holiday; it's an opportunity for car wash operators to increase traffic, boost sales, and lay the groundwork for a successful summer. By implementing these strategies, from membership drives to digital marketing and special events, you can turn this holiday into a significant revenue generator for your business. Remember, at EverWash, we're here to support you every step of the way, from providing analytics to offering customer-centric marketing strategies. Let's make this Memorial Day a turning point for your car wash business.

Embrace these strategies and watch as your car wash becomes the community's top choice, not just for Memorial Day, but all summer long.