Reduce Membership Cancellations and Retain Loyal Members

Keep your Recurring Revenue Strong

Say goodbye to missed calls and hello to fewer cancellations

When it comes to customer service, we’ve got your back.

A happy customer driving a car.
  • Answer your phone calls quickly and professionally.
  • Assist members with their membership-related questions.
  • Help resolve inquiries and issues in real-time.
  • Give members a satisfying experience every time.

Preventing Membership Cancellations

In the world of car washes, rampant membership cancellations is a cause for concern. Why is that? Unanswered calls are a key factor. Research shows that 76% of car wash operators fail to answer customer calls. This frustrates customers, and results in high membership cancellation rates.

A graph showing the impact of unanswered calls on membership cancellation rates. It shows that a high rate of
          unanswered calls leads to low customer satisfaction and high membership cancellations. A low rate of unanswered calls
          leads to high customer satisfaction and low membership cancellations.

EverWash Assist Helps

EverWash Assist's strategy focuses on providing resolution-based customer support. We promptly answer your customer calls, then provide professional, friendly assistance.

A customer service representative providing assistance over the phone to a man in his car.

Implementing Retention Scripts

It’s all in what we say and how we say it. We prevent over 24% of membership cancellations. When customers call dissatisfied, EverWash Assist's agents use well-crafted retention scripts.

Resolving Membership Issues

In addition to answering billing and wash operational hours questions, EverWash Assist's agents are equipped to resolve issues related to customer memberships. This function is vital in retaining members who may be considering cancellation.

Trained to answer FAQs

EverWash Assist's agents are trained to provide answers to common queries from customers. This not only resolves the immediate issue, but also preempts potential problems.

The Results

EverWash Assist's approach has led to a 42% decrease in cancellation calls within the first 90 days of our agents taking over the phones.

Time Period Cancellation Calls Reduction
Pre-EverWash Assist 100% 0%
Post-EverWash Assist (90 days) 58% 42%

Reduce Unlimited Membership Cancellations

A graph showing the effect of EverWash Assist on membership cancellations. With EverWash agents, cancellations go
          down and member lifetime value goes up.
A customer service representative providing assistance over the phone.

Need help with membership cancellations? Let's chat about how EverWash Assist can help.