You've got a car wash, your membership program is successful, and you're making money. That's great!\

But what if you want to take your car wash business a step further? What if you want to maximize the revenue potential of your car wash space? Most importantly, how can increase profit margins and your bottom line?\

If that sounds like something you’re interested in as a car wash operator, keep reading! Here are three creative ways to maximize your car wash location and create memorable customer experiences.

EV Charging Stations

Lots of potential customers are switching over to electric vehicles, and they need places to charge them up! If you have room on your lot to add an electric vehicle charging station, it can be a great way to increase revenue by attracting new customers who are looking for a place to charge their cars on the go.\

Adding a charging station can make your wash more appealing to EV drivers, increase satisfaction, attract new customers, and boost sales across all your profit centers. Add-ons like an EV charging station significantly increase the car wash experience as a whole and open the door to new revenue streams.

EV charging station

Host a Series of Pop-Up Shops Featuring Local Businesses

This is perfect for operators or car wash owners who are looking for ways to increase foot traffic and add value for their customers. If you have space, you can host various pop-ups throughout the year in your parking lot or even inside your shop if you have one on-site at your car wash location.\

Some fun ideas to consider include art exhibitions, handmade goods, or farmer markets. You could even offer free parking for customers who come into the shop during specific times. This is a great way to increase your customer base, collaborate with other local business owners and vendors, and expose the local community to your other available services. If you are holding an event, be sure to cross-promote and post on social media to maximize your reach both inside and outside of the car wash industry.

Pop-up craft sales

Partner with Local Restaurants During Cooler and Warmer Months

The same principle applies here as it did with hosting a pop-up shop or grand opening: If you have space on-site that goes unused during certain seasons, why not partner with local restaurants and offer them space during those times? This can be especially effective if you have space near popular attractions where potential car wash customers might want to stop while they're out running errands.\

Restaurants can bring their food trucks or set up tables outside of your business so people can enjoy a nice meal while they wash their cars or get a detailing service. Offer a trial membership or a free car wash to anyone who dines in with you at the wash to cross-promote your program. Physical signage and social media are also great ways to continue engaging and promoting these types of events.\

You might only think of your car wash as a place to clean cars, but it can be so much more than that. Imagine your car wash location as a hub of activity and community building. Multi-pronged revenue strategies allow your business to have options that can help it survive economic shifts, counter operating costs, and engrain itself within the fabric of your area. This can make a difference in allowing you to remain sustainable for years to come.

Local food


We hope that these ideas spark your interest and display how effective marketing strategies designed with customer intent in mind can significantly increase loyalty programs and trust in your operation. These types of professional car wash marketing strategies not only present an opportunity to increase foot traffic and car-wash revenue but enhance word-of-mouth marketing. For more ideas or questions, get in touch!