Your customer’s journey is what makes your brand unique and meaningful. When you think about it, it's how your customers get to know your car wash and what makes your customers loyal.

Therefore, knowledge about your members and customers is one of the critical components of your brand. Using contextual marketing helps your employees recognize and engage customers quickly. In addition, knowing who your customers are will increase their trust in you, thereby increasing revenue.

Before leveraging market automation and customer relationship tools to help communicate with customers and create a memorable customer experience, audit your data. An excellent customer journey starts with collecting the correct data. The first of a three-part series, we'll explore the different stages of a customer's car wash experience, how to make it memorable, and keep them coming back.

Creating a winning customer journey starts with recognizing the customer and personalizing their car wash experience from the first interaction. Customer-centric experiences are all about getting to know your customers and members and providing them with what they need quickly and easily without asking.

As you think about your current car wash experience, here are some questions. First, when customers drive into your wash, what do you know about them based on their profile? Do car wash attendants have the option of greeting customers by name or asking if the wash package will be the same as their last visit or if they would like to upgrade?

Female Driver with an integrated EverWash customer experience powered by AI analytics and data collection

As your customers enter your car wash, create a customer journey that starts first with you recognizing and identifying them, classifying them, and having an experience tailored to their history.

For new customers, design a quick data collection process that can link to other established profiles on social media or payment portals on Apple, Google, and Amazon. In addition to collecting the basics:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Birthday

Include collecting fun personal attributes more likely to be shared by the customer, such as their favorite sports team. Personal details that can make them feel recognized and differentiated.

If you haven’t yet, automate data collection with an AI platform to make it easier for your wash attendants and customers. Autonomously collecting customer data every visit, such as wash patterns, routines, and service preferences facilitates seamless marketing interactions that increase brand loyalty.

A customer experience that excites people to do business with you is critical to building a great, sticky brand. As a result, your customer journey must work to keep customers interested long enough to make this happen.

You're in great shape if you answered yes to the earlier questions. However, if you'd like to audit your customer journey or learn more about how EverWash can help, get in touch with our revenue and member growth specialists.

Our next blog post will discuss measuring and managing the customer experience.