Welcome to Episode Two of the EverWash Podcast. Host Max Pulcini covers EverWash's presence at the upcoming Car Wash Show in Las Vegas. He takes a deep dive into what to expect at the EverWash and omniX booth, and teases the various speaking sessions and panels EverWash and omniX Labs are participating in over the course of The Show.

Max also invites Mike Stern, VP of Sales, onto the show to give his take on what to look for at The Car Wash Show, both in and out of the EverWash booth.

We'll also play a recent interview Max had with Charlotte O'Connor, the Membership Sales Manager at KC's Car Wash in Philadelphia. Charlotte shares her experience with what it takes to become an active and successful woman in the car washing industry.

Lastly, Max covers some odds and ends from the wash industry and beyond. You'll never know what you're going to get on The EverWash Podcast!