EverWash had something for every operator at The Car Wash Show '23. Whether you were able to make the highest-attended ICA-sponsored convention in history or not, here's what EverWash highlighted in Las Vegas, as well as some other takeaways from the show floor!

Here's what we highlighted at the EverWash and EverWash Assist Booths:

EverWash Membership: Partner with EverWash to manage your unlimited wash club program, and grow your revenues with our membership sales and subscription management platform. Membership experts provide setup assistance, sales training, customer service, and marketing resources to wash partners to help develop, nurture, and optimize a strong source of recurring monthly revenue through membership.

Learn more about EverWash Membership here.

EverWash Analytics: Our car wash analytics service is powered by omniX Labs' patented technology and turns your existing cameras into trusted eyes and smart business advisers. EverWash Analytics securely connects to cameras, analyzes live video streams, and returns synthesized analytics and insights on a dashboard. Sales, member, and labor insights are available to operators to help them make more informed business decisions.

Learn more about EverWash Analytics here.

EverWash Assist: Our new call center service consists of live, on-the-phone voice agents who answer support calls for car wash operators, provide resolution-based customer support, and kick-start failed payment recovery.

Learn more about EverWash Assist here.

Each of these products can be used independently of the other, so wash operators running their own successful membership programs can add EverWash Analytics or EverWash Assist to their operation without a hitch.

Here are some of our takeaways from the show floor and education sessions:

Don't Forget About Gen Z: In comparison to previous generations, Generation Z is the first generation of true digital natives. Whether you want to market to Gen Z as potential customers or to hire them to work at your car wash, digital natives require a different approach. Attract Gen Z to your wash by appealing to the generation's unique traits, like their disposition toward Phigital (semi-physical, semi-digital) experiences; their DIY (Do-It-Yourself) attitudes; or their craving for Hyper-Customized consumer and professional experiences.

Membership Models Works For IBA and Self-Serve Washes: It wasn't long ago that many believed membership wasn't possible at Automatic and Self-Serve sites: These washes can't handle enough volume, or there's no upsell potential if a wash is unattended. Those old notions can be thrown out the window if operators running IBA and Self Serve locations employ techniques such as using a name and logo that makes you look like a chain; adopting a no-cone policy; or matching the sizzle of express exterior washes with fun signage, lights, grand archways. These tactics can not only help you build a successful membership program but also make your wash more marketable when it comes time to sell it.

Sustainable Washing Isn't the Future — It's Now: It's possible to be a tree hugger and a capitalist at the same time! Operators are fooling themselves if they think being sustainable is bad for business. Make sure you market your wash's sustainable measures, such as water conservation, solar panels, and other energy-efficient equipment. In order to soften any consumer sentiment toward car washing, consider changing your wash's terminology, such as calling your chemicals "Cleaning Products" instead. Build sustainability into your company's culture by partnering with organizations locally or abroad to plant trees or build water wells.

Want to learn more?

Whether you were able to stop by to speak with us at the show or not, we would like to set up a call with you to review our various products and services. There's something for every car wash operator at EverWash!

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