It's that time of the year again: The rustling of crisp new notebooks, the buzz of school buses, and the clamor of college students heading back to their campuses. For car wash operators, the back-to-school season offers an abundant sea of marketing opportunities to make your business shine brighter than ever. Let's dive deep into understanding the possibilities that this time of year presents.

Understand Your Audience

The back-to-school season brings in two main customer groups: Parents and College Students.

Parents: For parents, the family car is not just a mode of transport but a hub of memories. From driving kids to school, shuttling them to sports practices or music lessons, to those spontaneous weekend getaways, a car plays a crucial role in family transportation and bonding. Clean cars ensure a pleasant environment for kids and offer parents a small oasis of calm in the daily rush. Encouraging parents to keep their vehicles pristine aligns perfectly with their busy lifestyles. After all, when life gets chaotic, there's solace in a freshly washed car.

College Students: A significant segment, especially near campuses where students use cars to get around. For many, college life is about making impressions, and what better way than to drive a vehicle that gleams? With students returning post-summer break, the time is ripe for targeting this group.

Know your audience

Exclusive Back-to-School Offers

Free Wash Weekends: Running free washes for a few hours over the weekend is a great way to bring new potential customers onto your lot to make an impression. Offering a free wash and a friendly service is a sure-fire way to leave a good impression, and allow you to explain your offerings to visitors, like a membership program. Be sure to promote your free wash weekend prior to running the special.

Car Wash Membership Deals: Offer exclusive back-to-school deals on unlimited monthly washes. Offer a discounted rate on new car wash memberships, urging customers to treat their cars to regular washes. Promotions that we've seen have success in the past include offering the first month of $9.99 or 50 percent off the first month of membership.

Additional Vehicle Discounts: Have a family with more than one car? Offer special prices for adding additional vehicles to existing membership accounts. This is a perfect way to tap into the parent demographic and encourage them to keep their entire garage showroom clean.

Back to school offers

Collaborate & Partner

Giving Back: Reach out to schools, clubs, or organizations for fundraising partnerships. Offering a portion of proceeds for every car wash can be a win-win. Not only do you increase business, but you also embed your brand within the community.

Teacher Specials: Remember, teachers drive too! Offering special discounts or packages for local educators can help spread the word and foster community relationships. Reach out to your local school district and see if you can create a program to offer all local teachers a month of free or discounted washes. They'll appreciate the gesture, and likely keep coming back once they experience your wash's quality and service,

Campus Connect: For those car washes near college campuses, collaborate with student communities or local hangouts. Offering student-special discounts or deals can draw the college crowd in droves — younger folks always like a good deal! Advertise your wash on Instagram and TikTok to that local students can find your business faster.

Social Media Strategies

A comprehensive marketing approach to back-to-school would be incomplete without tapping into the immense potential of social media. Here are some strategic ways car wash operators can harness these platforms during this time of year:

Photo Contests: Host a "Sparkling Car Selfie" contest where parents and students can post pictures of their freshly washed cars. The best photo (decided by votes or a panel) could win free washes for a month. Make sure they use a unique hashtag related to your car wash and ‘back to school’.

Countdown Offers: As the first day of school approaches, offer countdown deals. For instance, "10 days to school – 10% off on all washes!" shared daily can create urgency and drive traffic.

Engage with Local Influencers: Partner with local micro-influencers or popular students who have a significant following. They can showcase their car wash experience, encouraging their audience to visit.

Testimonials and Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews or share their experiences on social media. Sharing these testimonials, especially from parents and students, can enhance credibility.

Interactive Polls & Quizzes: Engage your audience with fun polls like “How often do you clean your car during the school season?” or quizzes like “What type of car cleaner are you?” It fosters engagement and can provide insights into customer behaviors.

Share Tips and Tricks: Share car care tips, especially geared for the back-to-school season. Tips on maintaining car cleanliness with kids, organizing car interiors for school gear, or even quick hacks for car freshness can be valuable and shareable content.

Promote EverWash Collaborations: Leverage the popularity and convenience of the EverWash app. Create posts that detail the benefits, savings, and flexibility that come with using EverWash, especially during the busy school season.

Highlight Partnerships: If you're partnering with schools or organizations for fundraising, promote it on social media. Not only does it increase the visibility of the initiative, but it also strengthens your community ties.

Geo-targeted Ads: Utilize Facebook and Instagram's ad targeting capabilities to reach parents and students in your vicinity. Craft compelling visuals and offers that cater specifically to the back-to-school theme.

Social media offers a dynamic platform to connect, engage, and convert. For car wash operators, the back-to-school season, with its buzz and excitement, provides ample content and promotional opportunities. The key is to be authentic, interactive, and responsive, ensuring your brand resonates with the school spirit and the joy of a sparkling clean car.

Back to school social media post


The back-to-school season is brimming with potential. It's an ideal time for car wash operators to ramp up promotions and offers, targeting both parents and college students. With strategic partnerships, attractive deals, and the power of EverWash's platform, operators can drive up revenues and create memorable customer experiences. As school bells ring, make sure your car wash business resonates loud and clear too. Car washing should not just be about cleaning — it should be a delightful, carefree experience, much like the thrill of stepping into a new school year.