EverWash is excited to extend a warm invitation to car wash owners and operators to visit us at the Southwest Car Wash Association's 2024 Convention and Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, from February 28 through March 1, 2024. We're setting up shop at Booth #1105, where the focus is on excelling at membership — a proven strategy that works wonders for revenue and customer loyalty when professionally implemented and managed.

Your Invitation to Booth #1105

At EverWash, we stand by a simple, powerful mantra: Excel at Membership. Our platform and service are designed around this core principle, offering car wash operators a straightforward, effective way to enhance their business.

Are you worried about new competitors or existing rivals chipping away at your customer base? Does tomorrow's weather forecast keep you up at night? Are you looking to start offering membership at your wash or facing challenges with low membership numbers on your existing program?

If any of that sounds familiar, then our booth is your gateway to practical solutions and real-world success stories about mastering the membership model. We'll show you how the EverWash approach couples technology, marketing, training, and support together into a single, pay-for-performance platform that reliably boosts customer retention and revenue.

Expert Team, Ready for Real Conversations

We're bringing our A-team to Fort Worth, including Sales Representatives Mike Stern and Frank Brigidi, VP of Business Development Chris Villella, and our Founder and CEO Scott Caplan. They're not just experts in membership; they're practitioners who've seen the membership's benefits firsthand. They're eager to engage with you, share insights, and offer practical advice on how you can grow your car wash operation.

Scott Caplan, a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of his own wash in Southeastern Pennsylvania, emphasizes the tangible benefits of the membership model: "Having successfully implemented and grown membership programs in various industries, including my own car wash, I've seen the direct impact on sustainable revenue and customer loyalty. Our goal at EverWash is not to chase the next big thing but to provide car wash owners with a reliable, efficient way to grow their businesses. I look forward to discussing how we can help you excel at membership."

Join Us for Proven Strategies and Solid Success

At SCWA 2024, EverWash is ready to show you the power of a professionally run membership program. We look forward to seeing you at Booth #1105 and demonstrating how you can excel at membership and achieve improved revenue, better customer retention, and a stronger, more resilient business. Click here to reach out to our sales team and schedule a time to meet in Fort Worth.

We can't wait to meet you at SCWA 2024, where together, we'll focus on what truly works to Excel at Membership!