In the fiercely competitive car wash industry, where the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time visitor often comes down to the quality of service, the key to success transcends the suds and sprays of the wash itself. It lies within the heart and soul of your business – your team.

A high-performing sales team can transform the fortunes of a car wash, turning casual visitors into committed members. This blog post delves into the art and science of hiring the right people, with a spotlight on those who can drive your membership sales sky-high and align with the culture of your car wash.

Hiring a Sales Person, and Not Just an Attendant

The role of Car Wash Sales Attendants (CSAs) is pivotal. They're not just attendants; they are the frontline warriors of your membership sales strategy, setting the tone for customer experience and engagement.

Sean Pashley, EverWash's VP of Partner Success, likens the CSA to the quarterback of a car wash team, stating, "They navigate the customer journey, from selecting the right package to ensuring a memorable wash experience, culminating in the pivotal act of selling."

When searching for the ideal CSA, prioritize the following:

  • Assess Sales Acumen: Look for a proven track record in sales, an understanding of sales strategies, and the ability to tap into customer psychology.
  • Focus on Personality Traits: Seek out individuals who are not only personable and persuasive but also radiate positivity, as they're the embodiment of your car wash's brand and crucial to retaining and attracting customers.

Crafting the Interview

Transform your interview process into an insightful exploration of a candidate's fit with your car wash's ethos and values. Go beyond conventional questions; delve into their understanding of membership sales and their capacity to forge genuine connections with customers. Introduce role-playing scenarios to unveil how they might navigate real-life sales challenges, adjusting your interview strategy over time to incorporate the most effective techniques.

Cultural alignment is non-negotiable. Prospective hires should be enthusiastic about being part of a team focused on a membership sales model, showing a keen interest in fostering long-term customer relationships.

"It is important to create an interview structure," adds Pashley. "This will ensure that you are asking the right questions and getting enough from your candidate every time. Remember the 80/20 rule! The candidate should be talking 80% of the time."

Looking for some help preparing for a string of interviews? Here's a checklist you can run through to help you be at your best interviewing level.

  • The interview has been set up for an exact time. If someone does not show up on time for their interview, will they be on time for work?
  • Do you have 30 minutes set aside at a quiet, private place to talk? Sometimes, in our loud industry, this might be the local coffee shop. You should have already “screened” this candidate via a phone call or brief in-person interaction. This time will not be wasted if you screen properly.
  • You have their application or resume in front of you, you have already reviewed this in detail and prepared specific questions about their work history and how it relates to this position.
  • You have this interview guide and/or your prepared questions and thoughts
  • You are mentally prepared, “dialed in”, and look the part of the leader/owner.

Effective Onboarding

Once you've hired your new CSAs, a well-structured onboarding process is crucial, as Sean Pashley echoes. He emphasizes the importance of making the initial employee experience informative, engaging, and meticulously planned.

"You must work hard on the onboarding and training process," says Pashley. "It is the very first experience an employee will have at your wash. It should be informative, fun, and well-planned."

Here are a two tips from Pashley to help ensure a successful start for your new CSAs:

  • Comprehensive Training: Go beyond basic operations to cover the specifics of your membership model, including how to leverage tools like the EverWash app to benefit both customers and the business.
  • Mentorship Programs: Facilitate deeper learning and cultural integration by pairing new hires with seasoned employees, fostering an environment where knowledge and best practices are shared.

Cultivating a Membership Sales-Oriented Culture

Remember: You're hiring sales positions, not maintenance or labor pistons. Your company culture needs to reflect that as well. Building a culture that breathes membership sales is paramount.

Encourage continuous learning through regular training sessions on advanced sales techniques and customer service excellence. Implement incentive programs to celebrate and reward top performers, further emphasizing the critical role of membership sales. Foster a team spirit that encourages collaboration and shared goals, making every CSA feel like an integral part of a unified mission.

"Salespeople are competitive. Internal contests and incentives are great, but don't forget to include your competition," says Pashley. "Contests and incentives drive people, everyone wants to win, right? Let them! Create realistic, team-building goals. Start with things like raising your Google review score or beating the competition's score then celebrate when you achieve.


The journey to curating a team that propels your car wash to new heights begins with a strategic hiring process. By placing a premium on cultural alignment and a knack for sales, and by refining your onboarding and training practices, you can assemble a squad of CSAs who are not just employees but the very ambassadors of your brand. Their commitment to the membership sales vision can significantly influence your growth and customer contentment.

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