June marks a significant time for celebrations, with Father's Day and numerous high school and college graduations taking place. For car wash operators, "Dads and Grads Season" presents a golden opportunity to boost revenue and attract new customers. As a time synonymous with gift-giving, car washes become an appealing option both as presents and as destinations. Here's how you can capitalize on this season to drive traffic, increase sales, and promote your membership programs.

The Perfect Gift: Car Washes for Dads and Grads

Car washes have long been popular Father’s Day gifts, providing a practical and appreciated way to show appreciation. Similarly, recent graduates, often stepping into their careers, seek ways to keep their vehicles clean and well-maintained. This dual appeal makes June an ideal month to attract both fathers and graduates. During this time of year, be sure to push gift cards, gift packages, and service specials surrounding the Father's Day and Graduation Season.

Driving Traffic: Promotions and Special Events

Free Wash Weekend for Graduates: Host a "Congrats, Grad!" weekend, offering free washes to recent high school and college graduates. This gesture not only celebrates their achievements but also introduces them to your location and services. Ensure graduates can easily verify their status, perhaps through a simple online form or showing their graduation cap and gown. For more tips and tricks to running a Free Wash Event, check out our recent webinar on increasing traffic to your car wash.

Father’s Day Specials: Create exclusive Father’s Day packages that include discounted or bundled services. These can range from a simple wash and wax to more comprehensive detailing packages. Promote these packages as thoughtful and practical gifts that show appreciation for dads.

Combo Deals: Offer combo deals where customers can purchase gift cards for car washes and receive additional services or discounts. For example, "Buy a $50 gift card, get $25 free" can be a compelling offer.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Targeted Social Media Campaigns: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach your target audience with engaging ads and posts. Highlight the benefits of your services for both dads and grads, using eye-catching visuals and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Email Marketing: Send out newsletters to your subscriber list with special promotions and discounts for the season. Include compelling subject lines like "Celebrate Dad with a Shiny Car!" or "Congrats, Grads! Enjoy a Free Car Wash on Us!"

Aggressive Membership Push

One of the most effective strategies during the summer slump is to push car wash memberships. Highlight how a car wash membership is a gift that keeps on giving, making it perfect for both dads and grads.

Father’s Day Membership Promotions: Offer special membership deals for Father’s Day, such as the first month for $1. Emphasize the convenience and ongoing value of unlimited car washes.

Graduate Membership Incentives: Provide incentives for new graduates to sign up for memberships, such as a discount on their first two months as they look for their first real job or a free detail with membership sign-up. Position this as a way for them to maintain a professional appearance as they start their careers.

EverWash Gifting & Referral Programs: If you're a current EverWash Partner, encourage existing members to refer new members via the EverWash App! Current members will receive $5 of credit for every friend they refer, while newly referred members receive 50% off their first month. Members can also purchase EverWash-specific digital gift cards from right within the mobile app.


"Dads and Grads Season" is a prime opportunity for car wash operators to drive new traffic, increase sales, and promote memberships. By offering special promotions, leveraging digital marketing strategies, and pushing memberships aggressively, you can make the most of this festive time. Not only will you boost your revenue during June, but you'll also set the stage for ongoing customer loyalty and business growth throughout the summer and beyond.

For more tips and support on maximizing your car wash’s potential, visit our website. We’re committed to helping car wash operators Excel at Membership through smart analytics, customer-centric marketing, and innovative membership solutions.