EverWash, the industry’s fastest growing car wash network, is now reaching millions of American workers through new partnerships with employee benefits groups. While the company has spent the past four years building a strong network of wash partners and successful membership programs, EverWash is now able to push consumers directly to wash partners through the employee benefits packages of thousands of companies.


“Through our experience building the largest network of gyms in the world, we learned that tapping into affinity groups, employee benefits firms, and other similar partners would be key in our ability to grow car wash membership to new heights,” says John Cassady, EverWash CEO. “When we built the world’s largest network of fitness centers at GlobalFit, our ability to sell memberships through insurance providers sent gyms millions of new members and proved to be a game changer for our business.”

He added: “With EverWash being part of employee benefits packages for thousands of companies, we’re excited to be the first company in the car wash industry to directly market to consumers through these means, and provide even more value to our wash partners, and easier access to more new members.”

Here’s an example of what an EverWash offer looks like to employees enrolled with one of the employee benefits programs we’ve partnered with:

EverWash Affinity Program

Though these employee benefits programs, EverWash is engaging directly with employees at companies ranging from Fortune 500 powerhouses, to small business operations across the country. The partnerships also allows EverWash to focus on American workers in specific, targeted areas, and offer them direct access to purchase memberships from local wash partners online.

This is yet another way EverWash provides value to wash partners — By coupling these new outreach marketing capabilities with industry leading set-up, support and technology, EverWash is further positioning itself as the best and most complete partner in the car wash industry.